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Absolute control over the window size of your programs is guaranteed with Reso.



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Reso is a tiny under the programmes, but one that you no longer want to give away. With only nine he created kilobyte size much convenience. Reso allows you to align with just a push of a button program window to the desired size.

Where other programs fill hundreds of megabytes, only to then reveal as a vain bubble, Reso comes as an absolute dwarf. Only nine kilobytes weighs the little guy, but so much practical benefit as a mature program.

Who knows it not, to start a program and this fills the screen as it suits him - certainly not in the way that one would need. Regardless of whether full screen or in any size: Reso you can prepare with one end the chaos. On your computer you can predefine exactly every installed program with him, so that it opens then with every start exactly in its place, in exactly the size that you consider useful. To do this, you must configure only the corresponding programs where you choose your EXE file and then set the desired resolution. The surface of Reso itself explains the process and makes a deal with him to a no-brainer. As if that wasn't enough, a drop-down menu between prefabricated resolutions and even different color management settings to choose allows friends. Even the image frequency can be adjusted in this way.

Reso is completely in English, but thanks to its simplicity, is reading anyway, hardly necessary. To have the small program for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. An installation is not necessary, due to the small size, the program can be started directly from the hard disk, thus it is deleted-saving, but also quickly back not only space, if you no longer need it.

Description of the version: Reso

Programs must not always large and expensive to be useful. Reso is a tiny, barely nine kilobytes large, but gives you absolute control over the window settings of your programs. With simple drop-down menus, you can set the window sizes, color management, and even the frame rate using the tool. Everything is self-explanatory with just a few clicks. The mini programme must not even be installed, but can be started directly from the hard disk.

What the version 5.1 of tuned everything offers you:

• Absolute control in dealing with the window sizes of your programs
• Drop-down menus for resolutions, color management and image frequencies
• No installation required
• With only 9 kilobytes a practical tiny

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