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Enable resize allows you even when system Windows that are otherwise blocked, to change the size.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Resize Enable

Sure you had even an or any other window on your screen, the size you'd like changed. Some do not allow Windows but this. Enable resize is final.

Many native window of the various versions of Windows allow no adjustment to their size. Often, this is more than annoying, because a reasonable work is often only possible, if you can arrange multiple Windows side by side. You must adjust the size. Even worse, if you have a small screen, which can represent the whole window. The size you can not customize the buttons at the bottom of the page are often unattainable.

The resize enable program puts an end to. The small program fooled the system settings and allows you to adjust the size for really any window. Then you can customize the system Windows, as well as all other application window in the title bar on the screen size. Or you attack the corners or edges as usual and move the size with the mouse. The graphical representation is a little unusual as streaks across the screen if you change the size. But as soon as you let go of the mouse button, the window edges are where you wanted to have it.

With resize enable you need to never again worry about too small or too large window, because this little hack the OS so affected, that system and program Windows are assimilated each other. Other changes to the operating system are not made here. So no need to worry about that in your system settings are made, which you would like to avoid. Resize enable supports the Windows versions XP, Vista and 7 and with just 42 KB is a tiny but useful tool.

Description of the version: Resize Enable

Enable resize is a harmless hacking tool, with which you can change the window size in Windows System. The version 1.4 of Digi Tallis measures just 42 Kbytes. The program can now even more elegant hack into the operating system and make the desired changes. Low "side effects" of the previous versions have been fixed. The tool is still free and works now more reliably. The English-language tool requires no own user interface. It acts directly on the window settings.

The main features of resize enable 1.4

• Simple hacking tool
• Works in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Allows the tool really change each window in the size

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