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Rename Master provides a user interface to the concurrent renaming of files.



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Rename Master

You quickly with rename master to name files according to your wishes. Thus order in chaotic file name comes and you put on systematic names for certain files, for example, with numbering.

Rename Master manages to sort various files according to a certain pattern and name. Unlike in the Windows Explorer you choose not only a file, but can link several, you forgive the same file name with a number. This has the advantage that the files in the normal Explorer can be sorted by file name and you will always keep the overview. Especially as many media files you have hereby an advantage, systematically to arrange, for example, self-recorded holiday videos.

Rename Master offers a simple user interface, which is similar to the Windows Explorer and is therefore familiar. In the right column, you select all files that should be renamed. Below you can choose the appropriate settings in which classification the files to be named. Here the input of a specific file name and the nature of the provision of the remaining files is important. Here, a numbering system as well as a certain character sequence is possible. Rename Master is entirely held in English, which however no further disturbs due to the simple user interface.

The Rename Master software was developed with the idea to rename multiple files at the same time, and thus create a certain order. This offers you the advantage to continuous name very similar files, for example, by video-a-video-z. Another advantage is the overview of all existing file folder, is not to create with the Windows Explorer.

Description of the version: Rename Master

Some example scripts for zip files have been added in the latest version of the Rename Master. Thus, you get a vivid example of how files can be renamed effectively. It is also now possible to retake file name if the file extension has been changed accidentally. This will help you especially when typos, and if you don't wanted a change. From text files, certain data can be readout in the new version, to help with orientation in the contents of the files.

The most important functions in the Rename Master 2.9.4

• Obtain sample scripts for zip files
• Using the Remove function, changes can be withdrawn
• Read data from text files, to get information about the contents

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