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  • Windows 1.55

Regseeker supports the user in the maintenance and optimization of the registry database.



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The registry is used by the entire computer and throughout the system. All system parameters are recorded there. Errors in the registry can slow down the computer or cause a hardware conflict. Sometimes, the operating system is overwhelmed, to manage the registry. If an antivirus program to delete a file, the entries in the registry are still present.

Regseeker program, it is possible to locate old entries and correct. Thus, Regseeker helps ensure that your computer boots up faster. Regseeker can also help to resolve hardware conflicts. Regseeker has other tools that can be very useful. The possibility to make a backup of the registry before changes are made, so that error can be undone with Regseeker file. The program can perform numerous tweaks to improve the performance of your computer. You must invoke the manageable menu Regseeker just under tweaks. Under "Startup entries", many settings can be made, affecting the system startup. With Regseeker, it is possible to see which applications at startup of the operating system are loaded. Applications that are not needed and stress the system, can be switched off. So, it is possible to speed up the startup with Regseeker and to make more memory available.

Regseeker can be downloaded from our Web site. Just click the icon and choose a location on your hard disk. The file is not large and is quickly downloaded. You allocated space on the hard disk. To perform the installation, you must run Setup file and follow the on-screen instructions. Can then be started with system optimization. First of all, a backup of the registry should be made through Regseeker. If the wrong entries are deleted, the registry can be repaired with a backup.

The features of Regseeker

• With the Regseeker effectively durchuchen the registry.
• Easy removal of unneeded entries.
• The registry can be backed up with a few mouse clicks or manufactured.
• The program allows it, the list of starting programmer to optimize.
• Operated conveniently and easily with a few clicks of the mouse.
• Numerous tweaks in addition verbssern the system.

The emergence of Regseeker

The program was released from hover Inc. home. The developer of the program is called Tibaud Djian. The program has been translated into over 15 languages.

Description of the version: Regseeker

A new computer boots up quickly and is running smoothly in the operation moves quickly down again, but with time everything takes longer and longer. Regseeker remedy in the version 1.55. Regseeker is now compatible with Windows Vista. An improvement of backup and recovery options makes the use of Regseeker even safer. The program has been optimized so that now will be rare crashes.

The innovations of Regseeker 1.55 version

• Regseeker is now compatible with Windows Vista.
Backup and recovery options have been improved.
• How to clean up the registry was made safer.
• Occasionally occurring Abtürze were fixed.

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