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The rain scanner program searches the registry for certain files or items.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


In the registry, all information is stored in the Windows operating system of Windows and the special programs for your computer. With this database, your system is optimally managed. You have also the possibility to place settings of applications. If you're looking for certain files in the registry, the RegScanner helps you.

With the RegScanner you can download an optimal search program for your registry on your computer. Various search criteria, you have the ability to search for files or fragments. The result will be shown to you as a list. In this, go to the appropriate entry and double click will take you to the relevant place in the registry.

You have finished the download of the freeware, you simply start the file RegScanner. It will appear a window where you enter your search criteria. You can choose different variants. In the search option, you can enter the name of the file or the registry element. In the field of "Fit" are various options available. You reach this via the selection right on the side of the input field. Then, you specify which values to be compared. This criterion is referred to with the RegScanner as "Look up". You then select by clicking in the small box next to the words which characters should be matched. You are available in values, data, keys and search in binary. Which field is activated, you can see on the little green check mark. You also have the opportunity, dir to display only keys that have been created in a given time period. You confirm the inputs by clicking on the "OK" button. The program starts with the search and shows you an overview of all found, to your search criteria matching entries.

Very clearly, this list is designed for you. So you can find your way you just. First is the key. Then you find under a different name, type, data and the date of the last change. Advantage for you is that you can make the collation itself. Also, the results list lets you browse itself again specifically. Double click on the selected entry, you automatically jump to the correct place in the registry. You are free then, as you lose your way further. So, you have the possibility to export the registry entries to a so-called REG file and edit with the Special Editor.

Description of the version: RegScanner

Version 1.85 of rain scanner gives you several ways to search your registry for specific criteria. Through various options, it is easy to make the search quickly and efficiently in this version. A further, significant difference is that the results are clearly presented in a list. You can sort these if required, in which you indicate as criterion 'Key' or 'Type'. To get really only matches to the search criteria, you may have even once again browse the list.

Properties and functions of the rain scanner version 1.85:

• Searches the registry for special terms
• Clearly displays the results in a list
• The list itself can be searched again
• No installation required
• Freeware

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