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RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM is a particularly comprehensive security package for your PC.



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RegRun Security Suite Platinum

It is not denying that modern computers are exposed to numerous risks. More and more viruses, security holes in software programs, Trojan and phishing attacks threaten the system. If you have an interest in the safety of your operating system and your data, if you security software RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM familiar. There is not a single program, but a whole package of great applications that will help you improve the security of your computer. Do you with the many features of RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM trust, which will close the security holes in your system, can delete viruses before they will wreak havoc, and realize the most complicated Trojan, want to inject the malicious software in your system. RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM is an extensive and modern piece of software, that will take account of your security requirements. Try it just once.

RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM omits nothing and takes care of security vulnerabilities, it can all too easily overlooked. RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM detects problems in the registry file and can automatically repair incorrect entries.

With the RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM, you are installing a powerful virus scanner on your system. RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM offers with this effective protection against many current viruses and is constantly provided with updates for you.

Other features of the RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM:

• Backup function
• recognizes the latest virus signatures
• detects malware items
• Rootkit detection
• Data remains with WinCleaner eliminate
Improve • auto start

The development of the RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM

The security software package RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM is developed by the company of Greatis. RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM is represented since 2006 on the market and is continuously adapted to new safety standards and improved. With each version of new programs and features are added, so that the project to one of the most comprehensive software packages in the security industry has grown out. RegRun Security Suite PLATIUM is run on all your Windows operating systems (Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7). Download the free trial down right here.

Description of the version: RegRun Security Suite Platinum

The current version of the RegRun security suite boasts some new features, which ensure that your computers against attacks by malware, spyware and viruses is better protected. The software provides an integrated and optimized firewall to protect against network attacks. Also be created automatically back-ups and ensures your computer security through optimized settings in your computer's registry database. Also spyware components be removed as reliable.

The most important innovations of RegRun security suite

• Improved analysis of traffic on the network.
• Integrated firewall function has been optimized.
• Spyware components be reliably excluded from registration.
• Automatic configuration of security settings.

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