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A free calculator with Equation Editor and extensive features.



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RedCrab is a comprehensive calculator for your Windows.

RedCrab is a special calculator. All calculations using this free tool namely held paper on a flat. Everything is so wonderful to understand.

In this way, complex formulas become child's play. It is at least questionable. All the invoices can be saved and be imported again at any time in the program. Those who want to add graphics to his invoices, can import in BPM format / place. The calculator is quite unusual for this but powerful functions. Not only for lovers of mathematics a program, which necessarily should be tried out.

Description of the version: RedCrab

The freeware is available for all versions of Windows. New features include: PlotLine, PlotRect, PlotEllipse, PlotPie, Polybizier, PenColor, PenStyle BrushColor

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