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With Recuva, you save data of all kinds - on the hard drive, digital camera, or iPod.



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Recuva rescue accidentally deleted data on PC, MP3 player or digital camera.

Accidentally deleted a file? Is trash already empty? Recuva your help could be.

The free software easily recovers deleted data. Recuva can restore even formatted hard disks under certain circumstances.

Word documents that you have not saved - Recuva white also here to help. I can't believe this little tool. With the Quick Start Wizard of the program quickly the settings are made, so that the program in the blink of an eye to work. Recuva also deleted wants to restore mail.

With the useful Recuva data recovery program you are back files, that you've accidentally deleted - in addition to the PC, the recovery tool also on MP3 players, digicams POPs and even the iPod to help.

Recuva rescue your data - it is whether you have accidentally manually deleted them or they are lost due to a virus or a system crash the program. Also the type of data store for Recuva does not matter - the software can be used as well on the local machine as on mobile MP3 players, digital camera, USB-sticks or the iPod. Photos, songs or documents of any kind can be restored with a mouse click, if they exist on the drive - and the chances for this are: deleted files do not immediately disappear, the disk space occupied by them will be released initially only to override. As long as yet nothing has been overridden, the data exist most likely somewhere in the depths of the system.

Recuva is developed by Piriform company responsible for the popular system Purifier CCleaner The surface of Recuva is easy to use and provides functions to the forefront: in the top bar, you select the drive where deleted content should be searched for. Then you click on "Scan" to start the search process. Recuva will find it, so the program lists all results in a clear form, optionally also a tree view can be selected. If possible, the software shows you even a file preview - this is particularly useful if you want to find a single image among many deleted photos, but don't know its file name.

Description of the version: Recuva

Now the operating system Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, and discs that were created with the rescue tool BartPE supports the updated version of Recuva (1.40). Restore iPod files has been revised and improved. The memory of your system used now more efficient in the search, even if it's very small files. The handling of files, their file type can be determined no longer has also been improved. As a new language is Kurdish added, still some minimal bugs have been fixed.

Recuva offers a version 1.40 following updates

• Support for Windows 7 (SP1) and BartPE
• Improved data recovery on iPods
• More efficient memory use when searching
• Better handling of files without designation
• New language: Kurdish
• Minor improvements and bug fixes

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