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Recover My Photos

It uses recover my photos the special features of the Windows operating system. This deletes is not the actual data, so the photos, but only the reference in the table of contents, the file allocation table. Is this reference is deleted, Windows does not know where the image is found and can therefore no longer display it. Recover my photos offers you the solution to get your photos yet again. The program scans your system on the lowest level of the system and thus finds the information they need. And that works not only for images, but in principle for all graphic formats. As long as the storage device as a drive letter is shown within Windows can recover my photos to be accessed and restore your photos.

However you may have undertaken nothing after a failure or accidental deletion of the image. For a digital camera memory card, this means that you can't make any new photos after the error has occurred. Since then, it can happen that the restored image is partly overridden by a new image. As long as but the data of the deleted image there is still unchanged, can recover my photos you will find. Simply download the download version of recover my photos here from our site down and do a scan on the medium on which the deleted image is located. This can be your hard drive, your USB-stick or your digital camera you connect via USB to the PC.

The application of recover my photos is very simple and requires no profound computer knowledge. After the download of recover my photos you install them in the destination directory you want, and then start the program. Now you have to select only the drive, recover my photos for you to browse, and specify the kind of search, and after a short time you will get a list of deleted images with a preview. Now you need select only the image, recover my photos you want to restore, and the image is saved to the registry.

Features of recover my photos:

• Restore deleted images and graphics formats
• By any medium that can appear as a drive
• Display deleted photos with the download version
• Recovery after registration
• For Windows 98/2000 / 2003/ME/NT/X
• PC with at least 128 MB RAM

Backgrounds to recover my photos

Recover my photos is a development of GetData Pty Ltd. of Australia. The company has focused on the development of data recovery solutions and offers a range of software products in this area. The recover product range is already used by more than 100,000 registered users all over the world and is sold in 8 countries.

Description of the version: Recover My Photos

With the latest version of recover my photos you can easily save your data. Found images you can according to diverse criteria now sort and even cache the results of your search. With the new version, you can recover even more graphic formats, for example also BMP and NEP. In addition, the program supports you now for the restoration of entire storage media such as such as SmartMedia. Meanwhile, Mac OS is supported.

It can recover my photos in the new version:

• Now available for Mac OS
• Found files sort by various criteria
• Nor bedienerfreundlichere surface
• Caching your search results (images, videos, and more)

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