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With recover my files you can recover deleted files from any Windows disk.



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Recover My Files

Sometimes the fingers are faster than the head, and the important presentation is deleted shortly before the date of the customer. But since you know recover my files, you can get over more calmly this situation than anyone else. Because you know that the presentation can get back recover my files for you, and even if you've deleted them already on the Recycle Bin. But also damaged or even formatted disks offer good opportunities with recover my files to restore the data and information.

The program utilizes the deletion mechanisms of Windows here, because Windows does not immediately delete files, but removes only the mapping from the FAT, the file allocation table. This usually only the first letter of the file name is changed, and that puts on recover my files. Because after the change in the FAT, the data is still fully present on the hard disk, Windows just don't know how it should have access to it. Is important when the accidental deletion of files of any type, that is as no longer continued and in particular nothing stored. Because hard disk areas, which contain no data according to the file allocation table, Windows writes may immediately new data. This happened you can assume with great probability that the data can be restored yet still exist and with recover my files.

You may have with the free download version of recover my files first browse the disk where the deleted data have found. Is found the file you deleted and needed and displayed, you can register and with the paid version of recover my files to recover the data. Recover my files can find all types of deleted files and recover, no matter, whether Office documents, pictures, music, or emails. Best himself once try the free version of recover my files, and convince yourself with a test of the performance of the software.

Features to recover my files:

• Software for data rescue under Windows
• Recovery even after the deletion of the Recycle Bin
• Recoverable files with the download version display
• Data recovery after paid registration
• 30 Days money back guarantee
• Windows 98/2000 / 2003/ME/NT/XP

Background information on recover my files

Recover my files is a development of GetData Pty Ltd. of Australia and belongs to a family of data recovery solutions of company. The single recover product series products are already used by more than 100,000 registered users all over the world and marketed in 8 countries.

Description of the version: Recover My Files

Recover my files is, as the name implies, a software to recover deleted files. Documents, emails, photos and videos that have been lost after a computer crash or an accidental emptying of the Recycle Bin, so can be restored. In the new version, connected external devices can be searched for deleted files. In addition she offers the possibility to restored files then usual store, burn and use as before.

The key features and innovations of recover my files

• Restore deleted documents
• Recovery of data on the hard drive, USB ports, ZIP drives, floppy drives and memory cards
• Recover data from RAW hard drives
• Free trial version shows the files that have been saved.

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