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In the online role-playing game world of Warcraft aim primarily, so much to do damage as possible opponents and at the same time as much as possible to prevent damage. But how does one measure that? Of course, with the recount addon.

In the standard user interface of the game world of Warcraft you unfortunately unable to set whether you want to see how much damage over time you now just actually do. How high is the cure especially in comparison to the respective other healers or how much damage you could keep as a "Tank" of the group. Recount shows you all that and much more.

Re count each step into an instance asks you whether you want to reset all data. By clicking Yes, start a new recording. The damage indicator shows you how much you've doled out compared to the other players in your group. You can get here, as well as the other values at all, or but a partial value for the current or last fight you. In the DPS (damage over time) display you indicating how much damage you cause at the moment in the second. Still you can show you how much you cured in contrast to the other healers. Again display the HPS (healing over time). The display of "Death" is particularly interesting in but raids or instances. Clicking here on one of the beams, you get a detail window as also with any other value. In the case of the value of "Death", you recognize there, where the last incoming damage comes from and why you ultimately died. This way, you can prevent this damage on the next attempt just.

The recount addon is the perfect solution for all players who want to know a little more or with comparison to other motivate themselves to do a little more damage or heal.

Description of the version: Recount

The significant changes in the current version of recount in relation to previous, insist that a wealth of additional information has been added. In the first version, it was just possible to compare your own damage with the other friends. Now, you can also run graphs with live values and thus optimally monitor the damage output of his group. Furthermore, additional fields of information have been added such as "Death", CCBrecher, etc. The information content of recount leaves no wishes now.

Feature list of the Add-ons recount in version 4.0

• Damage comparison with other players
• Representation of live graphs to better monitor
• Several new values such as: death and CCBrecher
• Single view for players

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