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The VNC free edition allows you remote access to other computers via LAN, WAN or Internet.



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Who takes care of the installation and administration of PCs and servers, will know that. A user logs, because he has a problem with his PC, can but not exactly describe the error. There is a problem with the private computer at home, which can wait may until the evening, until you're at home and on the ground can see it. But it's Monday and you're on the road and only the weekend back, then the one who has the problem, is definitely not so long want to wait.

You work in a company, possibly even then it must be faster anyway. But what do you do if the PC with the issues of not on your site, but when a colleague at the Home Office is 500 KM away from you? For both scenarios, the VNC free Edition provides a good solution. Through a simple installation on both systems, you can access the VNC free Edition over a LAN, WAN or the Internet on the computer with the problems and log in as administrator. Thus you assume control over the other computer via the VNC free Edition and you can see the system settings and may make an update to resolve the issue.

But that is only a possible application of VNC free edition. You can home access on your PC as a mobile person via the VNC free Edition and you copy needed files to another computer, or with your private Linux Web server resolve a problem. VNC free edition is used in educational institutions. The virtual classroom is a scenario of how the contents of a computer (tutor or teacher) on the computers of many participants can be represented using the VNC free edition. Try it out but just even it, as it is to get secure access to your computer from another system. You can try out the VNC free edition directly from our page about the download function and they.

VNC free edition features:

• Remote maintenance tool
• Enables diagnosis and administration
• In the local network or over the Internet
• Can work with different operating systems on the connected computers
• Freeware (GNU GPL)
• For Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX)

Background information on the VNC free edition

The VNC free Edition, or properly the RealVNC free Edition, is an evolution of the original VNC solution. The developers of VNC have gathered solution, the product continues to develop and improve. RealVNC is available in various versions and allows access between systems with different operating systems. VNC free edition is available as freeware.

Description of the version: RealVNC

With the new version of VNC free Edition, you have even more options and options to control a computer over the Internet from another computer. So, the program structure has been optimized and implemented Western European characters, so that now a familiar form of the program you. Also removed bugs and errors of the previous versions and improves the data translation, thus the latest version runs faster and smoother.

The most important innovations of the VNC free Edition version 4.1:

• Western European characters implimentiert inform ISO Latin 1
• Fixed bugs and errors of the previous versions
• Better data rate and transmission capabilities betriebssystem gratis computer fernsteuern fernsteuern hacker programm hacker software kostenlos remote passwort passwort knacken real desktop realvnc rechner fernsteuern remote remote computer remote desktop remote ip remote mac windows remote server remote zugriff virtual vncviewer VNC Free Edition vnc-free-edition realvnc

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