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A versatile audio and video player is specialized in live streams of the RealPlayer-1103-gold.



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With RealPlayer, you can play video and audio files of all popular formats (REAL, WMA, AVI, MPEG, DVD, MP3, WAV, ASF, WMF).

Operation is very easy and fast for everyone to understand. In addition you can search for multimedia files on the Internet and download these directly using the RealPlayer download. With just a few clicks, you're on the Web search in the real portal. Here you can search the entire Internet for free downloads. And with just one click you can start the download with RealPlayer.

The RealPlayer is specifically designed for the Internet video streaming has become increasingly popular. The download works as fast as never and streams are loaded faster. In the RealPlayer, new technology ensures a smooth stream - even with weak Internet connections.

Another useful innovation when RealPlayer is the ability to record online videos directly with the mouse. You can record with the analog recording, while you enjoy a new video, directly. The RealPlayer saves your new video in a folder of your choice on your hard drive. Then, you then have the opportunity to convert the file into a format of your choice, then burn it on CD or DVD, or to download it to another portable device.

Other features and functions of the RealPlayer:

• Modern design
• Helix codec technology
• Turbo play function
• Analog recording
• Video streaming
• Real portal

The history of the RealPlayer

The first RealPlayer was brought on the market in 1995. The real format has long been the standard for video streams from the Internet. Today enjoys the format of especially popular, and the RealPlayer has still a high market share. With RealPlayer, it was brought up to date latest version of the popular player on the market. Although the Flash format has become known later replaced after the real format on some platforms, but the RealPlayer popularity is still unbroken. RealPlayer free in the network was available since the first release, and the company does not break with the current version of RealPlayer with successful strategies. Even updates and bug fixes can be downloaded at any time free of charge.

Description of the version: RealPlayer

General bug fixes.

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