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The new real girls strip poker demo sells you the boredom and fun in your life.



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RealGirls Strip Poker

Let the new real girls strip poker demo by Laura in hot Poker nights take you. With your virtual protagonist of real girls strip poker demo you play exciting gamer games according to the classic rules of Poker. You play to the garments of this beauty. Where else are large streets, a FullHouse or blackjack rewards so sweet. In the real girls strip poker demo, you can play relaxed in intimate two sections or the full version with several opponents at the same time. First it's about money, did you then facilitates Laura to two hundred dollars, then she's doing the laundry. But beware. You're bluffing me bad or you have no good cards, you're soon yourself naked before Laura. So watch that you keep your clothes.

The graphics of the new real girls strip poker demo is managed very well. The games are not very demanding. You can also play the version if you're not a Poker Professional. The real girls strip poker demo has a size of about 14 MB. The demo is completely free and offers you a lot of fun. In the real girls strip poker demo, you can play only against an opponent, and when Laura has lost a piece of clothing, the version breaks off and the fun is for you over. For the pleasure of all, you must download the full version.

Do you like to play poker? Why always only for money? Try your opponent but a change to facilitate their clothes. If you do it cleverly, you can undress your opponent as quickly as possible in the real girls strip poker demo. But pay attention, otherwise you're suddenly completely naked dar. The real girls strip poker demo brings sleepless nights and sells lonely hours. In the full version, you can simultaneously play even, in contrast to the real girls strip poker demo, against multiple opponents.

Real girls strip poker demo offers you the following:

• The new real girls strip poker demo brings you a successful pastime.
• Ease your opponent only for money and then to their clothing.
Even if you're not a professional, you can only win •.
• Bluff well and you will be rewarded.
• Laura will pass you your time.
• But be careful that you're not suddenly naked.

System requirements for the real girls strip poker demo

For the real girls strip poker demo, you need Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP or 2003 ones. Then, you need approximately 20 MB of space on your hard drive and QuickTime 3.0. You will also need still a processor 100 MHz, 32 MB free RAM, a 4 x CD-ROM drive and a 16-bit color resolution.

Description of the version: RealGirls Strip Poker

The RealGirls Strip Poker is a credit to his name: playful you hustle here first for money, later, however, it is the main of the games on the laundry! Either play an intimate game against a girl or just several at a time in the full version. With the party toys, you can provoke also ambiguous sayings. The girls have a sly old dog behind the ears. So watch out that you're wearing all dresses on the body finally!

The features in the RealGirls Strip Poker demo version

• Compatible with Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003
• Variable number of players: a girl or more
• Fun with party toys
• Various poker games
• 'Real' protagonists

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