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Real temp check the processor temperature and raises an alarm when imminent overheating.



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Real Temp

With real temp you check the temperature of your processor should be too strong heat, alarm program. For testing purposes, you can bring your computer with the software to its limits.

The your PC processor unit heats up during all operations. At a particular level, the heat can cause irreparable damage to the system – that is why it is important to have an overview of the developments in the temperature on the inside of the computer. The practical tool real temp gives you this overview: the program is able to read out the temperature inside the processor. To do this, it uses the digital thermal sensor (DTS), which is installed in the CPU - also the sensor itself can be tested with the 'test sensor"feature on the ability of its function. Real temp can also determine, how many degrees Celsius are missing to achieve the absolute upper limit. Indispensable real if you have overclocked your processor is Temp.

The most CPUs have a built-in overheating protection to avert damage to the system. If you want to check how hot it can get in your PC, then you can bring it with real temp at its breaking point: in increments of 10 percent, you increase the load up to 100 percent. The further you are away performing normal work processes of the upper limit, faster and above all more reliable your system runs.

The real temp alarm function warns you if your main or graphics processor overheating, optionally you can set also an automatic - this can prove convenient, if your computer is running, you're not home but. Real temp works with all Intel Core processors and works under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

Description of the version: Real Temp

For the release 3.60, the developers of real temp have again screwed to the features of the program and thoroughly revised the review mechanisms for multiple processor types. Improved support for ATI and NVIDIA GPUs, also both crossfire and SLI support now. Now more ad formats can be set in the system tray. The sensors test works more reliably than in the previous version; In addition to several small bugs fixed reset error on ATI systems.

Real temp 3.60 offers these new features

• Revised testing mechanisms
• ATI and NVIDIA GPUs are supported
• Support for SLI and crossfire for several graphics cards
• New ad formats for the system tray
• Improved sensor test
• Various bug fixes

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