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RAW PhotoStudio provides format conversion, image editing software and other features.



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RAW PhotoStudio

RAW PhotoStudio is an image processing software with built-in format converter. This is used to convert known RAW formats from digital cameras in common formats such as JPEG or TIFF. A built-in Explorer provides a simple and easy to use file access, each turning a copy of the original file for editing in an image format. Thus, the original file is not altered by RAW PhotoStudio

A new image is available, so you can apply almost all conceivable functions on the object. This includes, for example, a lens correction to any hardware failure to compensate, or even an exposure correction, to implement contrast enhancements. Of course, also common editing functions in the RAW PhotoStudio are available. You can crop and straighten as well as rotating and flipping. In addition, a sharpness control offers the possibility to regulate the desired sharpness of the image by using a slider. The resulting images as high-quality JPEG or TIFF files are exported after processing. Another feature of RAW PhotoStudio is the use of so-called formulations. This unique running steps in recipes are stored and can be called repeatedly. A Windows version from Windows XP is necessarily provided for the use of RAW PhotoStudio The editing tools are clearly placed in sidebars and enable a rapid location of desired tools. Also convinced RAW PhotoStudio with a high processing speed and a clear workflow.

You can download RAW PhotoStudio in a demo version for free. To do this just click on the download button.

System requirements for RAW PhotoStudio

• at least 512 MB of RAM
• recommended: 768 MB RAM
• Disk space: 50 MB
• Screen resolution: 800 x 600
• Processor: Pentium III.
• Operating system: Win2000/XP/Vista

RAW PhotoStudio offers batch export.
RAW PhotoStudio includes a so-called batch function. This feature is integrated directly into RAW PhotoStudio and allows you to export multiple processed images. While the reformatting of the JPEG files automatically through RAW PhotoStudio So, you can change the time-saving multiple photos in one step.

Description of the version: RAW PhotoStudio

With the new version of RAW PhotoStudio, you can bring your RAW files on glossy and save as user friendly JPEG files or other popular photo formats. While the original RAW files are preserved. In addition, the new version of the software with the raw materials of many popular cameras copes. With numerous and diverse tools, you can edit your images not only, but change the lens setting and the exposure.

Overview of the features in RAW PhotoStudio

• Save the RAW files in any common photo formats
• Setting of exposure and lenses
• Processing of image size, sharpness, color effects
• Tool for batch processing of photos
• Direct comparison between original and output photo

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