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Download the cute rat on your desktop screen and get the Ratatouille wallpaper!



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Ratatouille Wallpaper

With the Ratatouille of wallpaper for the successful film, you can spice your desktop screen up part. The Ratatouille wallpaper is very easy to set up: If you click with the mouse on the Ratatouille wallpaper, you can choose easy in the menu window, you want to - customize it as desktop wallpaper and you got the great cool rodents as Ratatouille wallpaper directly on your screen!

You can download the wallpaper Ratatouille as a file and save to your computer – to do this, just click the Ratatouille wallpaper and select the place where you there want to save that. Thus you can put the Ratatouille wallpaper in one of your folders, access time and again and as often as you want to use as your desktop background easily. The Ratatouille wallpaper is free of charge for you.

The American animated film Ratatouille, which even awarded an Oscar, tells the story of the rat Rémy, which is depicted on the Ratatouille wallpaper. He is lover of good food, culinary cooking of the highest quality and is thus in the gourmet capital of Paris in good hands. The only problem: Rémy is a rat! As shown on the Ratatouille wallpaper that is him exactly doomed!

He travels from the countryside to the city of Paris, to get a chef - his absolute Idol - closer. Unfortunately, Rémy finds out that his idol is dead, and also rats in kitchens because the disease transmissions will not be tolerated of course - and he gets this, as seen on the Ratatouille wallpaper, felt. He signs a pact with the kitchen boy linguini and helps in cooking, since it has no cooking talent, but desperately needs the job. Later, Rémy can comply with his whole family, to help convince the gourmet critics with the cooking skills, which is not an easy thing - even for the cute gourmet rat!

• original Ratatouille wallpaper
• free and fast download
• easy to set up
• to remove easily and comfortably again
• naughty spice up the screen
• for fans of the film and other fans of the rat

The success of Ratatouille
Ratatouille, a film Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava, came to the cinemas in 2007. It is the eighth successful animation movie of Pixar Animation Studios. He started in U.S. theaters on June 29, 2007, was released of the German version in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on October 3rd, 2007, and appeared also the Ratatouille wallpaper for all fans. The film got under including an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for the best animated film category. He reached an attendance of over 5 million moviegoers already after 50 days and is considered a technical milestone in the animated films.

Description of the version: Ratatouille Wallpaper

The rat Remy wants to be a famous chef, must have to all kinds of adventures in Paris. He ends up in a 5-star restaurant and lets his offbeat creations become a reality with the help of the kitchen boy linguini. For the animated film, there is now not only a game, in which you take on the role of Remy's, but also as a wallpaper: is there to see Remy and sharp kitchen knives and forks, which quickly headed for it.

Ratatouille-wallpaper - the screen background to the game

• You will receive a matching wallpaper to the game
• The wallpaper can be download X with MAC OS9 and MAC OS
• Look at the cute Remy, as he struggles with the kitchen knives

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