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You can dive demo in the interactive world of the little rat Remy with the Ratatouille.



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Ratatouille The Game Demo

The Ratatouille demo gives you a free taste of the game Ratatouille of Nintendo DS. By downloading the demo version you can try, if you like the game principle and whether the Ratatouille demo makes curious about the next level you. Also you can demo test of course also with the Ratatouille that is working the game on your computer at all.

The download and installation are simple: the first step to download Ratatouille demo is the click on the blue Download button. Here you can specify the file location where the file of Ratatouille demo to be placed. Then the download list, where you can open the file of the Ratatouille demo opens automatically. The installation wizard, which will accompany you through the further installation opens directly into the port. Once the installation is finished, you can directly start the Ratatouille demo and start playing.

In the Ratatouille demo starts the game on a Parisian market place. The rat Remy must try to collect distributed star about this place. It must be but careful as she may get caught is trying not to the people. The film protagonist Remy will be controlled with keyboard and mouse. The prospects of image are this variable. Remy must be maneuvered in the Ratatouille demo between boxes and stalls through, to be able to remain so as always in the safe cover. Remy once caught by one of the street boys, who always lollipops suck, you may exempt again Remy with a quick keyboard shortcut from his grip. To collect all the stars, one must proceed with much jump skill, patience and tactics. So Remy can get any food for a banquet on the Paris market.

All important data about the Ratatouille demo overview

• For Windows 2000/XP / Vista
• The file size is 160 MB
• Virus-free and certified software
• As an accessory mouse and wireless keyboard required.
• Great graphics with different worlds to explore
• USK from 0 released

Background of the Ratatouille demo

The focus of Ratatouille demo is the little rat Remy, which is also the main protagonist of the Pixar film. Eagerly, Remy dreams of a career as a French chef. She has a very fine even for rats smell. As Remy will then take in the kitchen of the 5-star-chef of Auguste Gusteaus, there are many fun and exciting adventures...

Description of the version: Ratatouille The Game Demo

The version of this game based on the Disney film Ratatouille. You assume the role of the rat Rémy, who lives in Paris and who you have to navigate through different levels. Of course you will find here some obstacles and bad guys. If you can collect enough cheese, you have enough power to defeat the bad guys. The impressive graphics and pleasant music bring lot of variety in this game.

Overview of the features of the game Ratatouille

• Very good graphics with pleasant music
• Are different levels to master
• Required operating system for this version: Win 98, win 2000, win me, win XP, Windows Vista

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