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Rasche's Skat Skat fun offers 7 Premium thanks to numerous features for beginners and professionals!



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Rasche`s Skat

Rasche's Skat is not only the correct software for the Skat professional 7 Premium, even as a beginner you get this game fully at your expense. The integrated course for beginners by Rasche's Skat 7 Premium offers insights into the game step by step and explains the rules of this versatile game. Descriptive examples introduce beginners to the many variants of the game. The Skat teacher distributes the cards, thereby illustrates the relationships between the sessions.

Once familiar slowly you go 7 Premium with Rasche's Skat, you can adjust the program according to your personal wishes. So you can choose for example, whether the cards should be discarded automatically or by mouse click. The graphic settings by Rasche's Skat 7 Premium allows you to select from up to 48 different backgrounds, new 3D-Motive for selecting stand next to classic 2D-Motiven. Also the sound output in Rasche's Skat allows different settings 7 Premium, among others can choose you out of 6 votes, the most comfortable women's or Mr. voice.

Within the actual game by Rasche's Skat 7 premium you can choose, whether you want to play a quick round rather Skat, or whether you want to play in story mode. In this, you have to earn as much money. Failing friends Rasche's Skat ends 7 premium for you on the virtual cemetery. To note is in the story mode by Rasche's Skat 7 Premium, that involves not only the game itself: the player must also in the restaurant to eat and drink, stick to forces and assert themselves if necessary against the bouncer, denied entry to the game room. You the free trial by Rasche's Skat 7 premium download now and just try it out!

Rasche's Skat 7 Premium - features:

• Macintosh 10.4 / 5 / 6 and Windows NT4/NT2000/XP/Vista/Win7
• Instant play or story mode, Cup and League games
• Game according to the official rules of the DSkV and ISPA
• 28 different sheets and over 39 backgrounds (2D and 3D are available)
• different game options when playing garage, Kontra/re, Bierlachs and rounds of Bock
• 36 improved varieties (home, normal, expert and professional mode)

Rasche's Skat 7 Premium - fun at a high level

Since the mid-1990s, Uwe developed rapid PC programs. The card game specialist it attaches great importance to the scalable levels of computer opponents. A sophisticated logic, built-in game features and extensive statistics present the right opponent each player. 8 New varieties Rasche's Skat 7 Premium offers some improvements. It is based on Rasche's new product family card games 2, which includes all commercially available rapid games. The program recognizes based on the serial number, which has purchased programs of the user and therefore is allowed to use.

Description of the version: Rasche`s Skat

Rasche's Skat Skat fans has been improved with the new premium version. The surface is designed user-friendly compared to its predecessor, also you can look up important tips and tricks as a beginner of the integrated Skat teacher. A new French deck is included, as well as the ability to vary the background images of the city. Eight new varieties provide even more variety, also the already contained forms have been revised and improved.

The innovations by Rasche's Skat 7 Premium at a glance

• Contains eight new varieties
• Improved user friendly interface
• Including Skat teacher for beginners
• New French deck
• The city background pictures can be changed now
• Computer detection on Windows improved

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