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With RarZilla free unRAR extract you can do quickly and easily archive files in RAR format.



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RarZilla Free Unrar

RarZilla free is a small tool with which you can unpack RAR files unRAR. In addition, you can set a common password for protected files and a target folder for the unpacked data define.

RarZilla free is a small, but very useful tool that can be used for quickly and easily extract archived files unRAR. The eponymous RAR-format, which is one of the most widely used file formats when it comes to archives is supported. Packing in this format can have several reasons: frequently Filehosters or Freemail providers restrict the storage of files that are uploaded to your server. In order to still send large files by E-Mail or release to download on a Filehosters, you can put the files in handy packages. So, a video can consist of multiple RAR packages, which are then simply with a program to appear in their original form in the selected destination folder as RarZilla free unRAR unzipped.

RarZilla free UnRAR is very simple and intuitive. You have several ways to open the compressed files: double-clicking unRAR .you RarZilla free, can give the command to unzip, or dragging the RAR file in the open program interface. Another way is through the Windows context menu: with a right click on the compressed file you select easy "With RarZilla unzip it", and already it goes. Are multiple files that are protected with a password, so you can set this as a so-called "default password" - so you must not laboriously enter individually for each file. Also a target folder for all unpacked data can be set in advance, to save time.

Description of the version: RarZilla Free Unrar

The version 2.9 of RarZilla free unRAR welcomes you with a new splash screen, but also in functionality a lot has happened. In the main window a unRAR button is placed now clearly visible, which can also be removed. The options menu has been redesigned and expanded, also in relation to the graphical interface you can make new settings; automatic detection of the language of operation is also possible. The many new features make the download of the current version highly recommended.

RarZilla free unRAR offers these features and innovations 2.9

• New Welcome screen
• Optionally a new unRAR button in the main window
• Redesigned options menu
• New menu for the graphical interface
• System language can be detected automatically

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