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RarmaRadio is no ordinary Streamripper, but offers many more extra features!



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Worldwide, there are a huge range of Internet radio stations and the number of Internet stations is increasing more and more! You will find the various styles of music, enriching cultural programmes, talk shows and many more today on radio streams on the World Wide Web. It would be nice to be able to hold this unique musical sounds and interviews. This is now possible with RarmaRadio that still offers much more than an ordinary Streamripper. This one has only the button take up and the stop button, that's it.

With RarmaRadio you will have access to thousands around the world existing Internet radio stations. Search your favourite streams by genre, region, or network with RarmaRadio and save it so that the next time just click them, to listen to your music. These you can not only listen to, but also record and even multiple channels at the same time next to each other. The files recorded with RarmaRadio stored automatically ogg and others in your folder in the format you want, such as mp3, wma, aac. The title not only with the corresponding caption by title and artist or radio broadcast are provided with RarmaRadio, but if the radio station offered it even more with the lyrics of the song and the album art that appears as soon as you play this song.

The RarmaRadio also has the function with which you can program a, what radio station you can record of repayment. In your RarmaRadio library, you can manage all of your songs and broadcasts, music style, content, or any other category you want to sort them. With RarmaRadio then put together your favorite playlist and with the related song lyrics you can sing by heart soon all of them! The program RarmaRadio is compatible with the operating systems Windows 2000, XP and Vista and is available in several languages.

RarmaRadio's advantages at a glance:

• Access to thousands of worldwide Internet radio
• Search for radio streams with music direction
• Simple cutting with transmitters, even several at the same time
• A program of repayment should be included
• With the songs are saved with song lyrics and album art
• To save files in several formats possible

Legality of RarmaRadio:

The Internet radio stations must pay while a certain fee for playing the music, the recording of radio streams with RarmaRadio is completely legal. The future will show whether this situation will remain so in the next few years.

Description of the version: RarmaRadio

The new release of RarmaRadio has been supplemented with some great features, which makes even better listening to Internet radio stations for you. By a new provider of the lyrics, you can't leave now simply by clicking on the corresponding icon show the lyrics you. In addition, a search for Google was added so that you can find information about songs or artists from RarmaRadio out in Google.

Features of the new version 2.53 of RarmaRadio

• Integration of new lyrics provider
• Song lyrics can be a click on the button or hidden
• Integrated search feature on Google
• minor bugs were fixed

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