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Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b is a great delight for lovers of classic shooter.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Raptor - Call of The Shadows

Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b is a classic arcade shooter, whose Geschichte is based in space or on other planets. After pleasing 2.4 b fast download Raptor - call of the shadows, and you can get started immediately the hassle-free installation. After a short trailer, you first specify how you want to control 2.4 b Raptor - call of the shadows. Mouse, keyboard, or joystick to select are available. Is controlled and shot 2.4 b, when Raptor - call of the shadows as it is used by other programs, so no change here is required. After entering your name and your call sign, you come in the variety of missions. To the get settled you can start first 2.4 b call of the shadows when Raptor - with the training level, however, the game is no big challenges so that you may start directly with the rookie-level.

First one is BB´s supply room, where you can buy more equipment and weapons in Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b in Harrold. 10,000 Units of the adopted currency are your starting capital. For this money you can buy as expected not much, so that you have to earn to money by the missions. An alternative is the sale of equipment; You should but take that at the beginning of Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b not in consideration. Next you can click on your image then leave the supply room and start the missions.

The procedure is same in all levels of Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b. The landscape attracts long under you, enemies come from the front, and you have to shoot as many as possible and destroy buildings on the ground. On-screen icons you can collect a money or equipment. At the end of each level by Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b you will encounter a final boss, who is trying to defeat. But this is also possible with a bit of practice.

Features of Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b:

• classic shooter in 2D optics
• different characters and missions
• Training mode
• Storage
• Shareware, not all levels are unlocked
• Operating system: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista

About Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b and the developer

Raptor - 2.4 b was call of the shadows of the Mountain King Studios programmed, which specialise in the development of shooters. This shooter are mostly space scenarios, and deal with the invasion of aliens. Through successful missions, one can gain new weapons and equipment and adapt to the ever-increasing enemy.

Description of the version: Raptor - Call of The Shadows

The new version of Raptor - call of the shadows 2.4 b has to offer some improvements over the old versions. You can now play the game with Windows XP and Vista, 7, 32 and 64 bits. Also, the quality of the music has improved since it was digitized from the original MIDI soundtrack as a WAV file. In the resolution are now several alternatives to choose from (960 x 600, 640 x 400 and 1280 x 800).

The improvements in Raptor: Call of the shadow 2.4 b

• Compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32 and 64 bits
• Included background music as WAV files
• Choice between different resolutions

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