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With RAMBoss, you can significantly minimize the crash risk for Windows 95 and 98.



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RAMBoss is a small and very effective program that allows you to optimize your storage space. System crashes due to memory bloat are very common especially in the 95/98 versions of the Windows operating system. RAMBoss checked the RAM memory of your computer. The manner of use of memory with older operating systems, is not optimal. RAMBoss optimizes these capacities and preventing the crash one or the other. You can extend your working hours so far with RAMBoss. Also increase the working speed through the use of RAMBoss.

While RAMBoss dispenses with extensive graphical representation of the CPU or RAM utilization. The program simply does what is his job. You can to set, how much RAM on your computer constantly available and the program optimizes all applications according to your specifications. While RAMBoss consumes only about 50% of the system resources that require comparable other, but more elaborate software versions. RAMBoss is written entirely in the Win32 Assembly, and thus becomes a very fast and small extension of Windows application programs.

If you want to make your system with RAMBoss a little crash-safe, now click on the download button. English language skills would be an advantage, because RAMBoss exists only in an English version. You should perform the instructions on the screen. It is possible to use the program for later versions of Windows operating systems, but since it will be probably less necessary than in the crash-prone generations of 95 and 98 operating systems.

The functions of RAMBoss

• Small and effective program
• Optimized the memory utilization on Windows
• Minimize system crashes
• Is primarily intended for Win 95 and 98
• No high resource consumption
• Small download size and free download

System requirements and download

RAMBoss was originally designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE. System crashes due to memory bloat showed also in the higher quality and newer Windows operating systems, the application is now also suitable for Windows ME, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows NT, and Windows XP. The program is available in English for free download on the Internet. With 57 kilobyte download size is very small and uses little resources.

Description of the version: RAMBoss

You can use your computer's memory significantly better with RAMBoss 1.3.0. RAMBoss recognizes the problems of even newer versions of Windows standard memory-eating and is able to free unused memory from the blockade by Windows. The current version also works with the new versions of Windows 2000 or XP, the biggest win is still in Windows 95/98.

The most important innovations of RAMBoss 1.3.0

• improved functions
• win up to 50% more memory
• Use with all versions of Windows up to Windows XP can
• No memory-intensive graphical options
• To prevent system failures by overloaded memory

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