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  • Windows 2.9

The Rainlendar Lite (64-bit) offers many features that you can use to manage appointments.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Rainlendar Lite (64 Bit)

You get a chic and comfortable calendar for your Windows desktop the Rainlendar Lite (64 bit). This shows you the current month and offers you a reminder for appointments.

Especially the transparent design of the relevant month pages is successfully graphically the Rainlendar Lite (64 bit). So, you can place the desktop calendar on your desktop, customized and transparent.

But also the functions of the desktop calendar Rainlendar Lite (64 bit) are nothing to sneeze at and above all simple and self explanatory. Using the memory function, you will never miss an appointment. Also you can enter in the Rainlendar Lite (64 bit) unique or regular appointments, like for example birthdays. Corresponding notes can also easily take on. Also creating to do lists is not a problem here. Appropriate days, where you enter dates, are highlighted. You can sort your to do lists in different ways so that the most important tasks are always at the beginning of the list. So the desktop calendar is not only practical, but also still visually integrates into the system.

Numerous skins are available on the manufacturer homepage for you. With these skins, you can freely change the appearance of your calendar and you create your own desired calendar. Also Linux users and Mac OS users have the possibility to download a customized version of the desktop calendar on the manufacturer homepage. Because the desktop calendar iCalendar uses the standard format, this is also compatible with most other applications. Create a backup copy of your data and print out the calendar and your list is also possible. As well as the import and export of your data.

Description of the version: Rainlendar Lite (64 Bit)

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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