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Rainbow folders brings colour into your system and on your desktop with colorful folders.



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Rainbow Folders

With Rainbow folders, you can change the colors of your Windows folder icons. Here you have the possibility to assign a particular color to each individual folder with Rainbow folders. You can see so at first glance, what lies behind this folder. While the color changes not only in the Explorer made with Rainbow folders is noticeable, but the changes apply to the entire system.

Rainbow folders allows you to assign a comment to each folder. To read this comment, you must indicate only with the mouse pointer on the folder icon. With Rainbow folders, you can easily structure your system. You can give a different color as business such as private data. You can see important data that you frequently need to access, as with Rainbow folders-designed color spectrum at a glance. These color changes are particularly useful if you've filed many folder icons on your desktop. Rainbow folders offers you a diverse color palette. So, you can create subfolder in the Rainbow folders for example, in a slightly different nuance than you have assigned them to the main folder. So long, you can play with colors until you have found the version that you like. You can, at any time again to the standard coloration of the folder, as it was given by the system to fall back.

If you want to give a more colorful face your folders in the Windows operating system, you can download free Rainbow folders from the Internet. You do this just click on the download button. The colorful variety with Rainbow folders by the way, no installation is required and can be used immediately after downloading.

The functions of Rainbow folders

• Small download size
• Wide range of colours
• Possible folder comments
• Colors in Explorer and system
Undo possible • color change
• No installation required

System requirements and download

Rainbow folders is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. The program is available as freeware on the Internet free of charge. The download file size is only 783 kilobytes and does not burden your system resources at all. A software installation is not necessary, the program can be started immediately after the completed download and used.

Description of the version: Rainbow Folders

With the cool freeware Rainbow folders 2.05 can give your PC your own painting. After the installation, you have the opportunity to select from hundreds of colors and to colorize your folder appropriately. You can choose exactly the color intensity and tint with the cool color tool. Also new: You can change the design of your folder and choose between classic XP, normal Windows and also the modern Windows Vista.

The cool features of the Rainbow folders 2.05:

• Free choice from hundreds of colors with the eyedropper tool
• Individual coloring of all the folders on your PC
• Creative and fresh design with even more color choices

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