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Ragnarok offers great game atmosphere, 3D graphics, a chat, and many adventures.



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As a player of Ragnarok, you're in Midgard, a huge fantasy world that poses many challenges and quests. Starts as a novice who needs to make his spurs yet. Decide what career you want to - hit up maybe as a swordsman who cannot even Knight if he hits enough battles? Or maybe as a powerful Mage, who defeated his opponents with intelligence and magic? Maybe you choose also the sound thief, merchants, archers or priest. The selection of characters is great at Ragnarok and each has its own advantages in the everyday life of Midgard - and in the fight against the monster, who drive their mischief.

An opponent is stronger, you get more experience points and new equipment at Ragnarok, when you go out victorious from the fight. As your character climbs up level by level and can face more severe challenges. The 3D graphics Ragnarok makes a playful experience. The heroes in the manga look traverse a large desert, deal through the dense jungle or a break in a city - the many graphic details create a perfect atmosphere. Several million players around the world ensure that the big world of Ragnarok is always lively. With the in-game chat, you use contacts and receive the latest news from Midgard.

At Ragnarok, team play is very important: team up with other players, so you combine your abilities and can become stronger. Shares the experience points with each other, that you've collected in hard battles, and swapping items with each other. With the right group tactics, you will teach fear bigger monsters. Short-term purpose communities are possible as well as longer-term alliances with Ragnarok: through the creation of a Guild you laid the Foundation for common adventure. Together with other guilds, you can forge even powerful alliances at Ragnarok.

Ragnarok offers all of this and more:

• Be: swordsman, Archer, Mage, thief, merchant or priest.
• Cross cities, deserts, jungle landscapes and dungeons.
• Association with other players to guilds.
• Put in the battle to obtain experience points and new equipment.
• Integrated chat.
• Highly detailed 3D graphics.

The story of Ragnarok

Ragnarok was developed by the South Korean software company gravity. The game quickly became one of the most popular online RPGs in the Asian region. Especially the mix of manga and role-playing elements arrived at the users very well - many were reminded of the classics of the genre. In Europe, at first successfully resulted Ragnarok and trumped speech punished many competitors. Now provide millions of people around the world, that there is a hive of activity in Midgard.

Description of the version: Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a MMORPG in the Animestil. Experience in version 10.4 exciting adventures in the North of the country, in the cold of Niflheim and Muspelheim fiery South. Hill is now about field 6 or by plane. New advanced classes are available. Experience in the 10.4 release numerous new Hugel quests or dispel the minigames and new cards.

Ragnarok online offers lots of new things in version 10.4.

• New player classes
• New quests in hills among the mercenary rebellion and Rekenber, Shede
• New quest finding medicine in Euslan in Juno
• New of mini-games Monsterrace and bingo

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