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Ragdoll masters 3.1 is an exciting and entertaining fighting game without unnecessary frills.



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Ragdoll Masters

Ragdoll masters 3.1 is a simple, but tremendously entertaining fighting game in 2D. The graphic is kept intentionally simple; It focuses not on unimportant details, but only to the event itself. And that is really: two or more stick figures fight each other in best martial arts manner and let it RIP really. The fighters though not spectacular look, but have the coolest moves on it. Ragdoll masters 3.1 is a great action game, proving that fun is possible even without 3D.

Played is Ragdoll masters 3.1 either against the computer or against your friends. You can you unite together and compete together against the computer opponent. The control is more than simple, just like the graphics: all movements in Ragdoll masters 3.1 via the four arrow keys. The most spectacular attacks can be started. The fighter react at lightning speed, jump like in the matrix movies on the walls or stand still in the air. With some practice and fingertip feeling, you soon to the Ragdoll masters 3.1 experts and objective impressive punches and kicks to your friends be sure envy you. You can of course enter your triumphs in a highscore list. Action-packed fun with Ragdoll masters 3.1 requires a Windows operating system (Win98/98SE/2000/ME/XP; a version for Mac is available on the homepage of the developer) and only 5.9 MB free storage. The trial version of Ragdoll masters 3.1 is available as freeware for free and can be played indefinitely. However, the number of levels is limited.

LAD you Ragdoll masters 3.1 directly free down here and go right ahead with unlimited action fun. Click on the download button, get the game on your PC, and off you go.

Ragdoll masters 3.1 at a glance:

Ragdoll masters 3.1 offers action and fun.
• Compete against your friends.
You bar • with the simplest means the greatest tricks.
• Downloading Ragdoll masters 3.1 right down and let it RIP.
• The trial version is fully playable and free of charge.
• Become a master and impress with spectacular movements.

Ragdoll masters 3.1: simplicity that convinces

The developers of Ragdoll masters 3.1 have inspiration in designing the "main characters" their game without a doubt of the XiaoXiao figures. The game at first glance also might be; as simple behind the spectacular movements of fighters, a sophisticated technology that is unparalleled. Ragdoll masters 3.1 is an action packed martial arts game, which impresses by its simplicity.

Description of the version: Ragdoll Masters

The new version of the funny action game of Radgoll masters offers you even more protagonists and options than previous versions. The fight scenes were more animated and incorporated more movements, thereby you can fight always still comfortable with simple arrow key combinations. Also, errors and bugs of the previous versions were largely removed, so your game crashes less often or is too slow. The current version also has new and interesting game design possibilities.

The most important innovations of Ragdoll masters in version 3.1:

• Removed mainly errors and bugs of previous versions
• More game design possibilities and options
• More fluid and faster gameplay, as well as a revised graphic

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