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The mini game raft wars you fight in different levels against fierce pirates.



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Raft Wars

Raft wars, you can quickly and easily download to your computer and play directly without complicated installation. While you deliver a wild fight against bloodthirsty pirates you, to protect your treasure.

Raft wars is exactly the right match when you need short term entertainment. This can happen in various situations, unless you to makes a small break, that you are sitting at home and waiting for someone at work, bored or need some distraction. In such cases a game is, which requires much concentration that but bring plenty of entertainment and excitement. This gets you a free head and can dedicate themselves then again with full concentration on the tasks.

Raft wars is to protect a treasure before fierce freebooters. In several rounds, you must sit to fight back against the pirates and defend your belongings and goods by any means. In other words, you must quickly shoot all emerging Corsair. With the mouse you aiming at the troublemaker, you need to find just the right angle and the corresponding strength. As the level increases, it will be harder to keep all pirates at Bay. As a result, the game is always exciting and it arises a great fun, so that one can often no longer separate from the screen. The game started quickly, so that you can start immediately with the first round. Flash Player, you must download if necessary before is played in Adobe. If you did that, you're the game raft wars in Flash format in the browser and on the battle against the pirates can go. Here, a simple UBB-like, but lovingly crafted design ensures a pleasant atmosphere and lots of entertainment.

Description of the version: Raft Wars

Even if there are raft wars only in the basic version, there are already many interesting features. The mini game in Flash format with all operating systems compatible and with a size of 1.8 MB consumed very little space on the computer. In the current version, you can fight against pirates in different levels. The fun mini game is quickly installed and started, and offers you variety, fun and excitement in each small break or well for longer game evenings.

The current version of raft wars offers you:

• Lots of fun and entertainment
• Ease of use
• Compatible with any operating system
• Compact size 1.8 MB
• Fast installation
• Simple and attractive design

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