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Radmin 3.4 remote control is a quick and functional solution for remote access.



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Radmin Remote control.

Radmin 3.4 remote control offers a variety of ways and supports also the active management technology by Intel in the new version. Thus you can access even on a remote computer, if this is not turned on. About Radmin 3.4 remote control you can boot this computer, restart, or shut down. Is change BIOS settings at startup problems or booting from a CD with Radmin 3.4 remote control possible.

Radmin 3.4 remote control this especially impressed by its ease of use and its working speed. After you install of the server module on the remote computer and the Viewer on the computer with which you want to access the other computer, can you from anywhere on the world with Radmin 3.4 remote control access to the remote computer. The work expires then as liquid as you would sitting directly in front of the remote computer. Several Viewer can connect to a server via multiple connection support. So you can show for example presentations or configurations in a sort of workshop with Radmin 3.4 remote control explain.

Features text chat, voice chat and send message of Radmin 3.4 this you can contact the user on the remote computer in connection remote control. In conjunction with the interface intuitive, so fast and effective support of remote computers is possible. Radmin 3.4 remote control, limited to the really necessary functions and waives any unnecessary bells and whistles. Try Radmin 3.4 remote control but just even out and convince yourself of the benefits. You can download the software directly from our page about the download function.

Features of Radmin 3.4 remote control:

• Program for remote access
• Highest level of security
• Text and voice chat
• Easy to use
• Demo version, 30 days trial period
• For Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 (32 bit, 64 bit)

Background information on Radmin 3.4 remote control

The solution of Radmin 3.4 remote control is a development of the Russian software house Famatech. The Moscow-based company was founded in 1999 and focuses on the development and maintenance of the product of Radmin. The solution was already awarded and is installed on millions of workstations around the world. Distribution runs online as well as through distributors in various countries around the world.

Description of the version: Radmin Remote control.

A network in the House can be handy. In the current version, the support was extended to more and newer operating systems. As a result it's possible to close any gaps in the Administration, which previously caused by incompatibility. The support for Windows 7 in the 32-bit and 64-bit version has been integrated. Support for Windows Server R2 has been integrated.

Changes of Radmin in version 3.4

• Windows 7 32-bit is supported in the current version.
• Windows 7 64-bit version is also supported.
• The current version is now compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2.

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