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Radiotracker is a leading software in the area of recording of Internet radio.



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Radiotracker is a software which offers you many features. So, Radiotracker is, for example, the only Web radio software which monitors several online radio stations at the same time for you with the special audials network. The software to find exactly the radio station you want to include for example a song in a very short time.

With Radiotracker you can record quickly and free world music from all known Internet radio music shop quality. Radiotracker is the desired music tracks and records the songs automatically for you. While you have no fear, recorded presentations or advertising with: Radiotracker features a technology, which allows to cut the songs exactly from a current radio broadcasts.

You can use Radiotracker for example directly on your USB stick. Radiotracker delivers this media for all portable devices, such as E.g. NetBook, mobile phone, MP3 player, Xbox or iPod. Also its own podcast directory with the best international Web sites provides you Radiotracker. So you can regularly listen to the entertaining episodes or watch: in addition to TV shows that may be interesting hearing broadcasts of various kinds can be. The software automatically downloads new episodes for you as soon as they are available.

Radiotracker - the most important functions at a glance

• legally record music
• free and fast current music record
• Audials network
• parallel monitor several thousand Internet radio stations
• Podcast Directory
• free freeware version available

Radiotracker - background and facts

Radiotracker, what is a part of AudialsOne, marketed by the rapid solution software AG. Since 2004, AudialsOne has received awards many hundreds of known computer magazines. The software is available in a freeware version which you can download free of charge for testing. With this freeware version, you can use many functions free of charge and without a time limit. You can see other functions as a preview, so you can get an overview of the possibilities of full version. You get free 40 pieces of music, so that you can properly test the software. You can download the freeware, without having to register. Radiotracker is according to a study by leading market research institutes, the top-selling software in the field of Web radios in all Germany. The software is well known also in other countries, as for example France, UK and Japan.

Description of the version: Radiotracker

In the latest version Radiotracker brings you again legally your favorite music on the home PC: simply enter the desired song, and he recorded it for you. In version 6, you also get access to approximately 50,000 online radio stations and can download up to 40 songs without a license. The new version works with digital "fingerprints" of songs, so that automatically cut, without advertising or moderators! Also, you can now collect your music organizer and map.

Major new features in version 6 Radiotracker

• Automatic recording of songs by Auto signatures
• New Music Organizer for more clarity
• Access to over 50,000 online radios
• Freeware for up to 40 songs

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