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Radio sure lets you listen to Internet radio programs as a stream and also record.



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Radio Sure

Radio sure is a PC program, which lets you listen to Internet radio stations from all over the world as a stream on the PC and also record. It offers you numerous features and is available for free download.

Do you want to hear not only the radio stations you can receive in your radio? You interested also the channels from other cities and countries? Then, the tool radio sure is the right choice for you. With this free software you can easily hear the program of numerous Internet radio stations and also record.

The software has to offer many technical features which guarantee easy operation. Using real time search in the large transmitter database, you can find the station you want to hear. There are different search criteria available: genre, name of the sender, audio quality, country of origin and the language. The stations that you especially like and often hear, can be stored in the favourites list - so you get at any time with just a few mouse clicks to your radio program. The record function of radio sure gives you the desired program and directly on your PC's hard disk to store - so you never miss an important broadcast. The recording offers another additional feature: If the transmitter shows the names of the songs, the recording is automatically divided into the individual titles - so is your very own personal song archive.

The menus in the program radio sure is simply and clearly. This is also a simple design in different shades of grey. If you prefer a colourful layout, you have the possibility to download corresponding skins on the manufacturer homepage. You can choose between free and paid layouts. The software radio sure is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

Description of the version: Radio Sure

The software radio sure lets you listen to Internet radio stations and also cut with the programs. The current version of the free software is compatible not only with the operating systems Windows 2000, XP and Vista, but can also be installed on computers with Windows 7. It is easy to use, because the layout is very clearly designed, and offers numerous technical features such as the recording of the current Radioprogrammes and saving the individual song titles.

The free software radio sure in the near future:

• Clear layout and this ease of use
• Many technical features, such as record
• Possibility to personalize through skins
• Fast download and easy installation

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