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Radio.FX is an ideal program for anyone who wants to create an extensive music collection.



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Radio.FX is a program with which you can download music, videos and podcasts from over 1500 music channels, manage and edit. Numerous features make easy the construction of a large private library of music.

Radio.FX, successor to ClipInc, offers you the possibility to create a huge library of music, without paying a penny for it. With Radio.fx, you can record music, videos and podcasts, edit, and manage.

The clear surface of the software makes it easy you to record up to four programs from more than 1500 channels at the same time. Here you can set already during the installation, whether Radio.fx is to start recording automatically when you start your computer, or whether you want to set the recording time itself per click. As long as your PC is running, Radio.fx takes the or the transmitter in the background, that you have selected. While the recorded track by Radio.fx be individually recorded and saved with additional information such as song lyrics in your music library as MP3. You can record either live or time-shifted to the transmitter. Of the jukebox, Radio.fx provides you with additional information such as cover images or videos to the recorded titles. To remove annoying presence or the presentations, you can use the trim function is possible with the exact cutting of songs using a graphical oscillogram. Also the rewind at certain points in a recording is a breeze with the timeline feature. To be able to share music with others, you can create a mixtape with up to 14 titles and send it by E-Mail to your friends. They will then receive a link, under which they can be accessed on your mixtape.

There are radio.FX with us in the basic version free to download - just "Download" click and already can you attach your private music collection!

Description of the version: Radio.fx

Radio.FX offers some improvements compared to the predecessor ClipInc: the user interface has been sorted and is now very well-structured and clearly structured. The choice of channels is significantly expanded with over 1500 dial-up Internet radio station, and there is the possibility to record up to four different channels at Radio.fx. Also the editing capabilities have been further improved: through the new optical oscillogram of the trim function, there is now the possibility to cut the songs really seconds exactly.

Radio.FX - the most important innovations and features at a glance

• Automatic recording of up to 4 radio stations at the same time
• Choose from over 1500 Internet radio station
• Very simple and easy operability
• Sophisticated trim function for accurate cutting of the title
• Create your own compilations with the mix tape function

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