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Exciting quiz with many interesting questions in 10 different categories.



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The quiz is based on a simple principle. For each question there are four answers, one of which is correct. Here you have to rely not only on your knowledge, if the quiz asks difficult questions, can you friends one by two jokers to help get. The first Joker of the quiz exchanges the questions so that you get a lighter question under certain circumstances. The second Joker cut off two wrong answers. The quiz ends as soon as you've given three wrong answers.

The quiz offers different themes, such as: General knowledge, sports, technology, medicine, environment and many more. So it's possible to select a perfect category for you. Still, the game has some advantages, this will give you more accurate information to the correct answer to each question answered correctly or incorrectly. So, you can improve your knowledge during the quiz. It is also feasible that you can buy further questions from the Internet (for a very small amount), if you should have answered all the questions of the quiz.

You can play the quiz online. There are however some differences that you should know. For one, there are no Jokers, that can help you answer the questions while playing online. Still only 20 questions for the agendas, then the round is completed. This is no time limit so that you can take as much time, as you need. A funny innovation which increases the fun, is the acoustic support, such as clapping or frenetic applause. The last major difference is that you will receive a summary of the play quiz game. This summarizes all the questions that you've worked, and gives detailed information about them. You can send the summary via E-Mail.

Innovations and advantages of the quiz at a glance

• Many varied questions
• 10 different categories
• Precise details of why the answer is correct or incorrect
• At any time access to new questions
• Simple and fast download
• 2 Wild for help with answering the questions

What requirements do your computer need to be able to play the quiz?

For one, you should be a PC with the Windows XP operating system or higher have. Furthermore, it is necessary that you have an Internet connection to download the quiz and any supplementary questions. You will also need space at least 2.24 MB, to install the software. To play the game properly, you need also a screen, a graphics card installed, as well as a keyboard and a mouse for the control in the program.

Description of the version: Quiz

Quiz offers the new way to play even special catalogues to only one topic area apart from the usual issues with version 2.10. So you can deepen your knowledge on a particular topic. The choices are you four possible answers, of which only one is correct. The questions are too heavy, Joker can be used. You can replace the whole issue or delete two wrong answers. The game ends after three incorrect answers.

Additional features in the new version 2.10 quiz

• Additional information explaining the correct answer
• Applause acoustic signals are possible
• Special catalogs to only one topic area
• Two Jokers are used
• Ask the third incorrect answer

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