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Quintessential Media Player

The quintessential Media Player is a more diverse music and video player that will impress you with its functionality and its design possibilities. He's as freeware and as a paid premium version available. The quintessential Media Player can play all the popular audio and video formats. The player will serve you as a digital jukebox and a recorder. With the built-in playlist editor in the quintessential Media Player you can easily manage your music collection and so you will never lose the overview.

The user interface is very easy to use and so you can optimize your playlist at any time. A so-called Ripper is integrated into the new quintessential Media Player lets you virtually at any time and at full speed music CDs can copy onto your hard disk. Non-protected music files from the network are automatically detected and can be downloaded easily. MP3 encoder and editor to change the MP3 information in the new quintessential Media Player allow you a professional edit your MP3 files. Your new quintessential Media Player supported formats such as WMA, CD audio, Ogg, MPG, MPEG, M2V, M1V, AVI, WMV and streaming audio.

The quintessential Media Player contains over 350 skins and various plug-in, which allow you to make your player in an individual design. The interface is in German, to use English, French and Spanish. The quintessential Media Player will assist you managing and updating your extensive music collection on your computer. You can define your music with visualizations, such as graphical effects or play, and create such a music show. Almost no limits are your imagination. A direct connection of the quintessential Media Player to the CD database on the Internet allows you a quick and easy update of your collection.

The new quintessential media player at a glance:

• The program supports the most popular audio formats.
• It plays audio CDs and is streamfähig.
• It contains an updated media libary.
• You can personalize the look of your player.
• The new version contains numerous plug-in the.
• MP3 files are encoded in record time.

System requirements for the quintessential Media Player

For the new quintessential Media Player you need the operating system Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT, XP or Vista, and at least a Pentium processor. Your computer should have at least 128 MB RAM and at least 10 MB of free hard disk memory. Also, you should be a sound card available.

Description of the version: Quintessential Media Player

The latest version of the quintessential Media Player features some improvements and new features. In particular, the revised core programme now provides you a smooth emulation of Winamp IPC and therefore a better, more convenient and safe use. For sorting and navigation titles and playlists there are also improvements, such as a progress indicator for sorting large amounts of data on titles.

Features of the current version 5.0 of quintessential Media Player

• Revised core
• Smooth emulation of Winamp IPC
• Progress bar for sorting large amounts of data
• Improvements for displaying and sorting of tracks and playlists

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