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Quicktime Alternative

Viewing to QuickTime files with the extension .mov, you need an additional program for playback. The advantage of QuickTime alternative 3.2.2 is the quick and easy installation, which almost by performing alone can be. Because QuickTime alternative takes up less space on the hard disk to complete, it is also easier and faster. It only installs the components, which are required for playing QuickTime content, for example on Web pages. No additional background processes, such as the so-called tray icon in the original program, which could slow down something running in the normal operation of your computer with QuickTime alternative 3.2.2. The advantage of this is that the computer has more memory and faster so in normal operation. Not a lot of memory is taken also in the use of QuickTime alternative 3.2.2, is therefore recommended the software even on slower computers.

Order to be able to watch movies and clips on the computer with the QuickTime alternative software, you need the small program of Media Player Classic, which is installed in the package. If you want to watch QuickTime content with other players, you need also some DirectShow filters. For QuickTime alternative there is also a version in which only the codecs without the Media Player Classic included. This version is called QT Lite.

You can here download the QuickTime alternative 3.2.2 program along with the Media Player Classic. You can download the version QT Lite without the media player. Simply click on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of QuickTime alternative 3.2.2:

• Could the program be almost as alone install.
• Use your computer as usual without background processes.
• Use the included Media Player Classic to play.
• Use DirectShow filters to use QuickTime with other programs.
• To install QT Lite, without Media Player Classic to get out.
• Use all the advantages of the original program in smaller form.

The emergence of QuickTime alternative 3.2.2:

The QuickTime program was programmed by the developers 2007 KL software alternative. The idea behind QuickTime was an alternative to develop a faster and smaller program for playback of Moviealbum files as the original software. The innovations of the larger QuickTime software were installed in the course of the further development of the programme constantly, to be up to date. As of version 2.5.0 then also the media player was added to classic, to provide its own platform for playback. The version of QuickTime alternative 3.2.2 is up to date and provides the optimum playback of QuickTime.

Description of the version: Quicktime Alternative

QuickTime alternative is your complete substitute for the original QuickTime Player by Apple and now your Windows 7 supported in the current version. The program is based on Media Player Classic and uses these QuickTime formats such as MOV, QT, MP4 and 3GP to play. Thanks to the absence of all the additional functions of the original QuickTime Player program is now much slimmer and can be installed faster and easier and used.

Features of the current QuickTime alternative 3.2.2

• Support for Windows 7
• Using the Media Player Classic to play
• Supports the Apple formats MOV, MP4, QT, and 3GP

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