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With QuickPar, creating PAR and PAR2 archives is especially easy to make.



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QuickPar is a particularly powerful tool when it comes to archiving of sensitive files in the PAR and PAR2 format. These archives can reach any sizes and meet high safety standards.

If you with large amounts of data have to do and they want to save from time to time, you need a powerful archiving program that can help you. QuickPar gives you exactly the functionality you need for such tasks. It is possible to create PAR and PAR2 archives, where you can save large amounts of data in an archive with QuickPar. In this way, you take care of order in your records center and go out at the same time by a high level of data security. Improve your work processes and the handling of data with the powerful QuickPar.

QuickPar lets you create so-called parity volumes in an easy way, which give a much greater control over your file archive, as this is the case with other compression standards. So, you have the ability at any time to check the integrity of data and to determine whether changes have been made to the database. Thus, you increase the security of your important documents and can more easily determine the access by unauthorised third parties. An important function even if the archives should be created in the long term.

The developers of QuickPar
The practical archiving program QuickPar is available for you as a completely free download available. Responsible Peter B. Clements, who has made a significant contribution for the community of computer users with QuickPar and already won a large number of users for its innovation for this very useful piece of software.

Description of the version: QuickPar

QuickPar is now even more convenient to use, as it was already you used in the past in the new version 0.9.1. With the new QuickPar, a slew of tooltips on the function buttons are supplied now that can demonstrate also to beginners in the program, wherein the individual settings are and allowing it to cause. QuickPar has also now further improved repair capabilities, which you can use to restore the damaged PAR and PAR2 archives.

The main functions of QuickPar 0.9.1

• The functions of the program were provided now with useful ToolTips, which facilitate the operation one
• Improved compression of PAR and PAR2
• Improved data repair

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