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Quick screenshot maker is a popular and easy to use screenshot program.



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Quick Screenshot Maker

Rarely, it has been so easy for you to capture your screen content in a graphic. With the quick screenshot Maker you need no expensive software and you need to read also no instructions or make long familiar with a user interface. With the quick screenshot maker, it is in the program is very easy to create the first screenshots for beginners. All you need is the tiny software and a little patience in the installation, which is done seconds after a few. Then, you can finally customize screenshots with the quick screenshot Maker no matter from what source the screen contents are. Take pictures of your desktop, from movie playback out or play: everything is possible.

You can use quick screenshot maker incredibly diverse. You can not simply capture the entire screen, but if you want only the active window. Quick screenshot maker stores even non-visible content, such as the lower part of a scrollable window.

Quick screenshot maker is really comfortable for you, you can store the created Screenhots in different image formats. These include also the formats JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG. No matter which application you want to process the stored images or on which device to the display you want to copy: with the quick screenshot Maker it easy going friends especially.

Other features of quick screenshot Maker:

With capture • cursor
• Auto-trimming function
• Picture size adjust
• 12 different filters
• more than 40 visual effects
• Transparency, enable / disable

The developer of quick screenshot maker

Quick screenshot maker is developed by the American company Etrusoft. The software quick screenshot maker has reached the market for the first time in 2004 and can be considered already a classic. The development team is working constantly to improve the software and to adapt the requirements of the user. Quick screenshot maker is distributed by Etrusoft exclusively over the Internet. If you want to try out the program so that you have to click the download button only. In the demo version you can create up to 30 screenshots. The program runs on all your versions of Windows such as Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Description of the version: Quick Screenshot Maker

Great screenshots of movies and videos of your choice make: with the latest version of quick screenshot Maker no problem. Thus, you can hold now more precisely second accurate stills, any edit, and save to your computer. Brand new: Each screenshot can be either as a JPEG, GIF or BMP store. An even clearer user interface makes working with the self-made images a real pleasure with a professional result.

The latest version of quick screen capture at a glance

• store the images in three formats possible
• New: Inserting text rows possible
•more and more user-friendly interface
• now still more accurate and easier editing of images

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