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QTTabBar offers the tab feature and all their benefits now available for your Windows Explorer.



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Finally, we can transfer the very pleasant structure of the browser tabs to our desktop and open multiple folders at the same time next to each other in the file Explorer, and edit! Using the QTTabBar program!

We do not want to miss this: all modern and standard browsers have for some time about the nice feature to open multiple Web pages at the same time in a window. These Web pages are easily accessible via the so-called tabs in the browser bar. These tabs help us immensely working with several open sites. Now, thanks to the program of QTTabBar Finally, there are, you can use this function also to our desktop outside of the Internet. QTTabBar namely offers the tab feature to Windows Explorer with the multiple folders can be opened at the same time in a window.

The tool QTTabBar is compatible with all popular Windows systems and can be easily integrated into the system. In the blink of an eye, you can this great feature you install on your computer and working with multiple files at the same time immensely help you. After installing QTTabBar is very easy to find. Just go for the category of "View" on the "Toolbar" (for Windows Vista and Windows 7 "menu bar" called) and customize the view of your Windows Explorer and your files there. Already, you can open multiple tabs in your Explorer. Also, you can very simply turn off the QTTabBar.

Not only open several file folders in a window is possible without any problems from now on, simplifies the quick changing of file folders to file folder. This ensures an effective work with multiple folders at the same time. And yet another candy is offered by QTTabBar, which we know already from the Internet browsers and learned to appreciate: a chronicle you can access easily and quickly on folder, which you have opened and closed again recently. From now on, it is no longer necessary to search, you've accidentally closed long after a folder!

Description of the version: QTTabBar

The currently available version is a beta version and is located in the further development. The software is still in its infancy, but some bugs and issues that were still included in the first version have been fixed already. According to the manufacturer, a completely revised version should come out soon. The software has problems remain in communication with the Microsoft UI Automation. The download of the software is free and available only in English. The current version was released in March 2011.

Features and benefits of version Beta 1:

• Tabs to Windows Explorer
• Browser functions transferred to the desktop
• Is requires .NET Framework 2.0 for Windows XP
• Still in the development phase

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