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Qtracker v4. 91 is an effective access management for online and LAN multiplayer games.



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Who plays many multiplayer games, who wants to be like with just a click in the game. Unfortunately, the provider of the games have advanced there but mostly a bar. Lucky there Qtracker v4. 91 and thus you're with just one click in your game. Qtracker v4. 91 supports online such as LAN games and can login quickly and easily. To do this you need to enter this information once for the games that you play, and are then always immediately online, if you want to.

The download and installation of v4 Qtracker. 91 run while both quickly and easily. You will get a warning message from Windows or your browser, because it is a .exe file, but the download is clean and the file can be installed. This runs in the current version of Qtracker v4. 91 on a wise Installer and is thus appropriately. After the launch of Qtracker v4. 91 you will get a welcome screen appears and can make the first settings here. That means once from the list of over 100 Qtracker v4. 91 supported games to choose from, you play. But perhaps the program also to try out other games inspired you? In any case you can always about Qtracker v4. 91 manage and don't need to worry about server availability, and your log-in.

Within Qtracker v4. 91 are all information in so-called panes, you individually and freely can move on your screen and place. So you got exactly the info, where you want them. Still you can use Qtracker v4. 91, that you directly download using the download button on our page can track the activities of your joy in the games at any time and can immediately see who is online right now.

Features of Qtracker v4. 91:

• Access management for online / LAN games
• Support for more than 100 games
• world-wide region selection for the best server
• clear interface
• Information separated on individual Windows
• in the game with one click

Background information on Qtracker v4. 91

Qtracker v4. 91 is a development from Ron Mercer and is offered as freeware by him. Although Ron operates as a private project, you can purchase the software also for a donation in the amount of USD 20.00. With this donation, Ron then funded the further development of the programme and the integration of further games. Otherwise, is defined as 20 days trial version, can be used more fully but also after the 20 days.

Description of the version: Qtracker

The current version of the software of the Qtracker can come up with some useful new features. This software has been optimized in its functioning and is similar to a browser, giving you the ability to manage games on the Internet and of course also to play now. To be able to use the online games, no longer are you dependent on a common browser, but can in real time playing your favorite games without downloading the Qtracker and engage.

The most important innovations of the latest Qtracker

• optimized control surface with increased user friendliness
• easier managing of the games from your Favorites list
• Real time games
• no need of other browsers for the use of online games

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