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Sending E-Mails with QM is much faster for users browser-based email accounts.



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Qm 2.2

Normally, you should read your E-Mails via the browser? Or do you have an E-Mail program that is slowly reacting? Then you can accelerate now incredibly the sending of emails with the QM program.

If you usually call off your email account via the browser, sending messages is always an endeavor that caused long waiting times. You must call the corresponding page, log in, and then create a new e-mail message, before you can begin to write. Some mail programs are so extensive that they better run all the time in the background.

QM lets you now still very quickly send an E-Mail by using this little tool for this. You can deposit your account data at QM and along the way to create a new e-mail message and send. So no spontaneous ideas will be lost more friends, because you quickly on the screen the program to send a message and can get started with the writing. Also, file attachments, you can simply attach and send.

QM integrates easily into your Web browser. You can respond so quickly to "mailto" commands all, because QM as default E-mail program is opened. With an entry in the registry, you can enter square meters even in your context menu under the item "Send to". Now you want to send a file to a friend, click it with the right mouse button and the file will appear as an attachment in a prepared email. Here you have to enter only the address of the recipient, and the mail cannot be sent. Receive messages with QM unfortunately does not settle down, the program with its 20 KB is quickly but particularly small and thus also appropriately.

Description of the version: Qm 2.2

With the program of QM in the version 2.2, you're now even more flexible when sending emails. You can simply enter your account data in the program and make an email weekdays in the future with just a few clicks and without waiting. You can integrate QM in your browser. QM as default E-mail program opens with "mailto" commands. An entry in the registry lets you expand also the "send to" command from the context menu to an entry by QM. Sending files is so much easier.

The main features of QM in the version 2.2

• Tiny and fast program to send emails
• Integration into the browser as default mailto commands
• Entry in the registry as a menu item in the context menu

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