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For all the emphasis on security is QIP Infium exactly the right Messenger.



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QIP Infium

The most important tags that you can use to describe QIP Infium are ad-free and secure. On these points, the developers have placed particular value and created a high-quality free Messenger.

The program ICQ offers some nice features that allow you to stay with your friends in contact. However, security remains in places on the track and also advertising can be found in the program on the running belt. Since the alternative is QIP Infium, which immediately without advertising and offers you many more measuring Eng er protocols to choose from. Also, the developers put particular emphasis on the safety of the program, which is often neglected in other messengers.

Once switched to QIP Infium, you want to try probably no other program. In addition to the already mentioned Protocol of ICQ messengers, QIP Infium offers beyond Google, Jabber, SIP, but also those of social networks, like Facebook or Twitter about it. In doing so you must not allow ourselves to abandon your usual functions and can here as with the other programs of even smilies and send sounds. Secure file transfer is also possible on the you be able important files and documents can get. After you have entered all data of your main Messenger and networks in the options, your friend list is updated automatically, and you should find all, you know. Should someone not be, you can search using the search function within your contact list or even within all messengers and networks for friends and acquaintances. Did you find all that you can send even very simple at the same time messages to multiple users. The options offer you plenty of room for adjustments.

Description of the version: QIP Infium

The current version of QIP Infium Messenger has been improved in many places, and also a few new features in. So, the security interface for you were further revised and expanded, so that hardly an access to your communication is possible. It is taken continue to value that in the program any advertising exists that could interfere with your chat window in any way. Some annoying errors could be eliminated and no longer occur.

Features and interesting of Messenger QIP Infium

• Great safety standard within the program to protect against eavesdropping
• Complete program is ad-free
• Multiple measuring Eng er protocols are supported
• Added support for social networks
• Fixed error.

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