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With QIP 2010, it is very easy to participate in the instant messaging for all computer users.



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QIP 2010

QIP 2010 is a comprehensive tool that gives you all the features for Instant Messaging over the Internet to the hand. With ICQ this small software alternative provides comparable to yet more.

Instant Messaging is one of the major themes in the Internet. If you belong to the computer users who send text messages, pictures, videos and status messages their friends through services such as ICQ, QIP could be an interesting alternative for you 2010. QIP 2010 features all the functions you're used by ICQ and much more. The software is completely free and easy to use. The user interface provides you with a clear structure and is based on the model of ICQ, so that switching to this practical alternative is particularly easy.

In contrast to many other instant measurement Angern on the market you will not disturbed 2010 use of QIP of advertising banner impressions. Use the possibilities of this software, you be able to talk and always up to date about to stay, where they happen to be, and what they do. QIP 2010 offers you a full compatibility with ICQ, so you can also easily communicate with consumers of this service. QIP 2010 big writes also issues such as security and protects your transmission channels from unauthorized access. The widespread Jabber and SIP protocols are supported when exchanging messages over the Internet.

The developers of QIP 2010
The practical small Instant Messenger QIP 2010 is provided you by the programmers of QIP. The team has can take already a name in the past by a number of other software releases.

Description of the version: QIP 2010

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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