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Q-dir is worth for almost all who must scour your hard drive a little more often.



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  • Updated: 08.04.2014


Q-dir is a free replacement for Windows File Manager.

Who is tired of the simple structure of the Windows Explorer, is Q-dir with the small program. The little helpers brings you to your navigation in files are easier to four fully customizable file window.

Surely you know the standard Windows Explorer, which is not exactly the best solution in its clarity, to work in your own files. Q would like to remedy that with 4 individual Windows-dir.

The Windows Explorer often forces you to even slower work, as if it were actually possible. With the software Q-dir you can work however, so quickly with your files like never before. You've got a large screen, also no loss in clarity should occur. For Q-dir with no less than 4 Windows comes, with which to navigate in the files can be. So, you can sort your files in four different Windows, move, and edit. Something better to make the clarity when working friends, you have the option of your choice colours to highlight certain file types. So you can, if you're on the search for certain image files, highlight it in red. With this function it is for you to a significant to identify easily specific files and edit. Should the four window still not suffice you, Q-dir has many other window configurations available. For example, even a "tree" can appear on any side of the screen view, which further simplifies the navigation you.

Q-dir is incidentally also portable installation. This means that if necessary you can ship you the small program also conveniently on your USB-stick and insert anywhere, where you just need it or need.

Description of the version: Q-Dir

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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