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Let your children with PySyCache playful and successfully with the computer mouse learn.



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Whether for you as a computer teacher at school or as a parent at home - PySyCache learning software for the handling of the mouse is par excellence. Compact software introduces your children in all the functions of the PC mouse - mouse movements, clicks with the left, right and middle mouse button and drag- and -drop more for your children are no problem. The timing for some exercises in PySyCache trained the speed of handling this and as soon leads to recognizable learning progress.

Colorfully designed with funny animal pictures and in various colors PySyCache speaks especially children. The learning software is suitable also for older people who want to teach dealing with the computer itself, or for the education for persons with disabilities. Let your kids by searching for a specific surface areas cover images, transport pieces of the puzzle with drag- and -drop in the right places in the image and photograph funny images on the screen with a single click. In the start menu of the software, your children can select their favorite pet as a player.

PySyCache promises you a guaranteed success with your children through a built-in Hall of Fame. So collect your children at each task points and can thus in the Hall of Fame will display a list and who would like to do not like to stand at the top of the list. PySyCache motivate your children to practice dealing resolutely with the mouse. Also, PySyCache represents as well in which tasks your children yet did not the timing and where therefore still exercise is necessary. It is still interesting for you as a teacher that various user accounts via an admin can be manage in PySyCache. Thus, the learning achievements of students can be individually controlled and managed. You now download the software here free of charge and with one click, the installation will start automatically.

Advantages of PySyCache in Overview:

• Learn the quick and easy handling with PySyCache with the mouse.
• Whether in school or at home - PySyCache is suitable for any form of learning.
• Mouse movements, clicks and drag- and -drop are more immediately, no problem.
• The colourful design of the software with funny pictures promises you made fun in each exercise.
• Secure the first place in the high score list through regular practice.
• Import in addition self-chosen topics and images in the software.

About PySyCache

The popularity of the learning software increased fairly steadily since the release of PySyCache in 2005. Currently it is considered especially in Europe mainly in the school one of the most important tutorials. Particularly in France, the educational software is often used. PySyCache runs both on Windows and on Linux. For install PySyCache assumes Python, a programming language, and pygame.

Description of the version: PySyCache

PySyCache, the educational game offers even more ways you or your children. In the version 3.1b made several changes and bug fixes, so that your program works better. Fixed bugs in the desktop file. The extended language files offer more options and all files are now stored in the correct directory. The operation has become now even more effective and overall easier for you.

PySyCache 3.1 b offers numerous bug fixes

• Fixed error of the desktop file in the current version.
• PySyCache is now placed in the correct directory.
• Oden Erikson and RĂŠmy Clouard was added to the package.
• Numerous other bug fixes have been made.

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