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Pyramid is a funny and entertaining Solitaire clone with a slightly different approach.



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You know Blackjack? Or also 17 and 4? As one who has 21 or come closest to that number WINS. Pyramid is the magic number 13, you need to get through a combination of 2 cards. This part of the playing cards is one pyramid openly revealed in the form of-3 x you guesses - just: pyramid. At the bottom of the screen you will find a pile of cards with which you can reveal more cards. The goal of pyramid now is to dismantle the pyramid from bottom to top and to find pairs of cards, which together result in a value of 13. Did you find two such cards, for example a 6 and a 7, remove both cards from the playing field. This is but only if the cards are exposed. There is an other map over a map, which you need for the magical 13, so you can not remove it. Unless of course, there are the two cards, which together result in 13, and of the one hides the other. There is no more map on this pair of cards and blocked one of the two cards, you may remove the two stacked cards.

Because there are only a limited number of twos and threes in a game of cards and the combination possibilities with image maps, which are usually 10 points, would be limited, the pyramid picture cards have different values. So has 12 points and the King only one point, the boy or young 11 points, the Lady, for example, the ACE 13 points. 13 Points? But that's exactly the number of points needed for pyramid? That's right, therefore, the King is the only card that can alone be removed. The Lady must be combined with pyramid with the ACE and Jack with a 2. Only then you can remove this card from the game field.

Best himself once try it and find out how much fun pyramid. You can download the game directly from our site and install. And although the game in English, so we have friends here so far explains the rules of pyramid, that you can get started right. For each successfully removed pyramid, there is a bonus points!

Features of pyramid:

• Card game
• Solitaire clone
• Trains can be undone
• 2 Levels of difficulty
• Freeware
• For Windows

Background information on pyramid

Pyramid is a development of the happy Mongoose company from England, which is actually engaged in entirely different topics. The company offers primarily a solution for teachers, which they have the grading of their students better overview. The free freeware pyramid is one of the offers to call attention to the company.

Description of the version: Pyramid

The new pyramid in version 1.002 is an addictive game, which works much like the well-known Solitaire, which is usually found in each version of Windows. It boasts an innovative form of gambling, which opens up new possibilities of the game. In the new version 1.002 of program pyramid you with fewer annoying bugs and errors to fight, therefore the program is running on Windows 2000 or XP more stable and safer.

The most important innovations of pyramid in the version 1.002:

• Have been largely fixed errors and bugs of the previous version
• Smoother and more stable program function
• Optimized program structure for a – gameplay

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