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PuTTY 0.60 is a terminal program that can make efficient and secure data connections.



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  • Updated: 01.03.2014


To establish a console connection to other computers with PuTTY 0.60, you have to enter your IP address or an appropriate serial interface. Here, the terminal program used different ways to make the connection. The usual functions of the application, also called the Terminal software based on log files, programmable buttons, signal tones or different character sets. This terminal program can also use the functions of automatic registration and support for proxy server. PuTTY 0.60 offers convenient control options such as for example the marking or copying function of the mouse, you can individually set.

PuTTY 0.60 is can facilitate your work as a system administrator or webmaster friends. PuTTY 0.60 requires very little system resources and is very easy to use. Even though it's a relatively small program PuTTY 0.60 works very quickly and efficiently. As with many other Terminal programs, there is the software only in an English-language version. Macros are not supported by PuTTY 0.60. With PuTTY 0.60 you can access but simply from a command line on various Internet servers or also on directly connected computer. PuTTY has a built-in authentication option, the absolute data security already guaranteed during the connection establishment process. The Terminal sessions from PuTTY 0.60 are text oriented and allow no graphical representations.

PuTTY 0.60 is available as freeware for free download on the Internet. If you want to use the terminal program, you need to click only on the download button and follow the instructions on your screen. All important functions with PuTTY 0.60 to install automatically, and the program is fully functional after a few minutes.

The features of PuTTY 0.60

• Connections to other computers with the console character
• Access to various Internet servers
• Authentication of the user during the connection establishment process
• Text-driven application without graphical support
• English-language version of the application
• Low resource utilization

System requirements and download

PuTTY 0.60 is designed for the Windows operating system, Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and 2003 as well as Windows Vista. The program is also compatible with UNIX. The application for Windows Mobile and Symbion OS but obviously, not officially confirmed by the manufacturer. Available as freeware for free download file has a size of 2.5 MB and as good as do not burden the system resources on your computer.

Description of the version: PuTTY

PuTTY 0.60 is the latest version of the encoding by Simon Tatham. With this beta version, you get a program, whose biggest teething problems were already eliminated. There is yet no visible improvements in the program. However, the application of the latest version is strongly recommended for all users for security reasons. Should you nonetheless discover an error, the author of the program will be pleased about your support in any case.

The most important innovations in PuTTY 0.60

• PuTTY is available for UNIX and Windows
The source code was cleaned up by some errors •
• PuTTY is now safer and virtually error-free

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