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PureSync allows the synchronization of files, creating back-ups and much more.



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Files and directories can be synchronized with the program of PureSync. Also is the software to create back-ups and the transfer of image files from the camera to the hard disk.

With PureSync you can keep track of your files - even if you have very many of them. Simply connect an external disk to your computer, and PureSync determines to what extent the existing files same. On request, you can set also a rhythm in which PureSync automatically synchronizes the - to start the process, for example, connecting an external hard disk or a USB stick can serve as a signal. If you want, the program creates a back-up also, to back up your files on the internal hard drive or external storage media – for this you can also set start signals, automatically on the PureSync responds.

But also vice versa PureSync, namely at the loading of data from external sources such as a digital camera. After successful synchronization you can activate various useful options - for example, the folder can be opened new images directly or start an image management software. Also automatically sort the image files by criteria is possible to keep the overview. In the run-up to the destination folder can be checked by PureSync, existing photos are then again sorted.

PureSync is suitable, if you move common files and is owned by multiple external disks. The practical functions of the program can take a lot of work from you and save valuable time. Features adapted to the use of your digicam offer added value.

Description of the version: PureSync

PureSync-version 3.0 new features and can come up with some improvements when compared to its predecessors. You can now copy open files on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP (or Windows Server 2003). An email has also been integrated after a job as a new feature. Also fixed the issue with file names that have exactly 260 characters. Other small bug fixes and enhancements make this update recommended.

The current version 3.0 of PureSync offers you the following features

• Copy open files now from Windows XP possible
• More have no problems with file names, the exact 260 characters
• Email after order completion
• Fixed several small bugs

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