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The Anticheatsoftware PunkBuster ensures a fair online game on game servers.



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Fudge no chance with PunkBuster.

PunkBuster has emerged among online players cheating by hacks, to stop cheats and other programs that provide advantages over others to players. Many servers require PunkBuster for access.

Since there are computer games, there is the possibility of entering of codes or the modification of files to get benefits. In the single player mode, this is your individual decision, which disturbs No. In multiplayer mode, single cheater can spoil your fun. PunkBuster examines the installed game of all participants and all those denied entry, which modify their files to cheat. To participate in game servers that use PunkBuster, you must have installed the program in the current version on your hard drive, otherwise participation on a protected server is not possible. You can download the client free of charge. Updates will be made available, as soon as they published were or are made often by the game itself or by an update tool.

PunkBuster was developed by the company Evenbalance in 2000. Originally it was developed for the countertop strike half life mod. Valve, the developers of half-life, wanted to develop their own anti cheat software and therefore did not support Evenbalance. As a result, the Texans were their support for half a life soon. The commercial breakthrough for Evenbalance and their product, the Anticheatsoftware PunkBuster occurred in January 2001. PunkBuster has been in the commercial version of return to Castle Wolfenstein incorporated, which was brought by the Publisher ID software on the market. The use of Anticheatsoftware PunkBuster is mandatory in many hobby and E-sports leagues.

Description of the version: PunkBuster

PunkBuster is now even more stable in version 3.4 on your computer. The Anticheatsoftware improved support also for current title, such as F.E.A.R. Perseus mandate, Quake 4, battlefield: bad company 2 and others. Numerous bug fixes solve problems of in previous releases, such as unauthorized kicks through the program, MD5 hash errors or incompatibilities. The tool allows you to make a quick and easy update of the software, so it calls the PunkBuster on each server that is up to date.

The new PunkBuster 3.4 at a glance

• Support for F.E.A.R. Perseus mandate
• Support for Quake 4
• Support for battlefield: bad company 2
• Numerous bug fixes
• MD5 hash kick fix

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