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Ptbsync\r is a desktop organizer with many useful functions and a calendar.



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Ptbsync\r installs itself on your system quickly and easily and immediately available after installation. At the Maus-Over, a variety of additional information available as the calendar week, which is what day of the year, how many days remain, and what day of the Islamic calendar, we are friends. By clicking with the right mouse button on the time in the Windows system tray, you can set the configuration for Ptbsync\r. In addition to the settings for Ptbsync\r even you can call up also some settings for Windows on this, for example for the taskbar. Also the Task Manager you can call directly from here and thus save you the keyboard shortcut. Over the menu option "tray clock configure" can change you for the watch make the basic settings, and the display of date and time.

Ptbsync\r can be synchronized with different time servers, so that your system time is always the current time of an atomic clock. You can choose the server from a list of 167 servers as well as the time of the regular synchronization.

One of the main features of Ptbsync\r is the calendar function, which extends far beyond the other function of other programs of the time. With the calendar in Ptbsync\r you can manage your schedule easily and effectively and need no separate application. The setting possibilities of Ptbsync\r are so manifold, that no wish remains open. Each date can be equipped with a memory and a descriptive text. For the registration of recurring dates such as birthdays, Ptbsync\r offers pleasing many settings. Try the best even, and you the program via the download function here on our site download.

Features of Ptbsync\r:

• Desktop Organizer
• Calendar me reminder
• Replace Windows clock in the information area
• Setting possibilities
• Donationsware
• For Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/2008 R2 (32 + 64-bit)

Background information on Ptbsync\r

Ptbsync\r is a development and offer of ElmüSoft. The name arises from the history. The first version of the program could only with the atomic clock of the physically Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig the clock can be synchronized. Over time, new features were added, such as the synchronization to an arbitrary server, calendar and tray clock, but the name has remained. In addition to Ptbsync\r, ElmüSoft offers a range of other programs and tools which are made available as donation - or Charityware. The developer asks with a small donation of personally feasible conditions to a nonprofit organization or the developers themselves.

Description of the version: PTBSync

Now, with the new version 5.4, you get an analog desktop clock Flash. The software works now also properly under Windows Vista and Windows 2008. You can now show you more than 86,000 cities weather services. Also you can use Ptbsync\r on a Terminal Server. Ptbsync\r can enable your PC out of the standby state. In addition, the program provides you some advanced calendar functions available.

Useful functions of the Organizer Ptbsync\r

• an analog desktop clock Flash is available
• suitable for Windows Vista and WIndows 2008
• added a new calendar functions
• Weather messages for more than 86,000 cities
• runs on a Terminal Server

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