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The psychedelic screen saver 2006 is a screen saver for a young audience.



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Psychedelic Screen Saver

Until a few years ago, as even CRT monitors were used, the installation of a screen saver like for example psychedelic screen saver 2006 for technical reasons was required. The surface of the screen before the burn-through of the desktop image was protected by the screen saver. If you have a modern flat screen available, setting up a screen saver is not necessarily required. Yet a wide range of such programs as free - or shareware is offered in the Internet friends. Maybe you like the psychedelic screen saver 2006.

The psychedelic screen saver 2006 and other screen savers with a variety of Visual stimuli are popular among many teenagers, while adults prefer quiet motifs such as fish or landscapes. Screen saver as the psychedelic screen saver 2006 are small, individually adjustable programs that remind you of work breaks and add variety to the often monotonous work. The psychedelic screen saver 2006 brings a wealth of forms and colors on your screen and stimulate your imagination.

Sometimes, can you no longer good focus when the PC work and need a little distance and distraction to gather new forces. A screensaver that suits your personal taste, will help you to relax. The psychedelic screen saver 2006 brings you a wide variety of rounded and angular forms in all colors you can imagine on the screen. When playing the psychedelic screen saver 2006 change the motifs at breathtaking speed and produce a feeling like you're in a pop concert. If introduced too many stimuli on you and you're feeling unwell, you should see a few minutes out of the window, eyes need a break from time to.

So comes the psychedelic screen saver 2006 on your computer:

download from this Web site
• using the control panel to install
• Customize settings
• Psychedelic screensaver test
• Customize configuration on request
fees required-download • favor ist

Learn more about the psychedelic screen saver 2006:

There are the psychedelic screen saver 2006 as shareware, which means you can download a free basic version directly from this Web site. The installation requires an operating system version of 1998 and a powerful graphics card. If you like the psychedelic screen saver 2006, you can register and get then for around $30 an ist of psychedelic screen saver 2006 with a variety of configuration options and settings.

Description of the version: Psychedelic Screen Saver

Your psychedelic screen saver is a free screensaver. While you rest your PC, he gives over 400 different patterns and gradients you on your desktop. In the 2006 version of the screen saver is compatible with CD/spectrum Pro, i.e. the Visual effects now cause your music in the background on your screen. New module settings you can make even more effects and sound settings.

The psychedelic screen saver version 2006

• Free download
• Includes over 400 different patterns and gradients
• Sync with audio devices: effects now suitable for music
• New module settings and effects

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